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Posted in Men's shorts- How short? on 2003-05-22 01:46:22

You are absolutely right!========== In Reply To ========== I think a normal pair of shorts came out in the late 60's, all thru the 70's, & 80's even, & started to die down in the late 90's/early 2000's. I've always been wearing shorts that were about 2" & never considered it 'short short'. I started getting the biggest negative feedback in the 2000's & now they'll kick me out of churches for it. They never use to do that & I still go to church but to a new one on Sunday mornings. They say nothing to me at Bible Studies during the week. I still go to town & the mall, & yets social gatherings put forth by churches too. It's my lifestyle. I like the sporty look & hate the hot/humid weather here by the northeast. There isn't a deep explaination for it. I don't like being told what not to wear. This is America not communist China. Actually, I did visit China last year & a lot of men wore shorts of this length when working in the kitchen at restaurants, in town, etc. I had more freedom & luck with my 'short shorts' than here in America when a lot of people seem to give into peer pressure & fitting-in. They say women are very sensitive about they're appearance, but I think it's more so when it comes to men. In conclusion: it's not a brain-teaser...Short shorts were never short shorts. They just got longer. Short shorts are the original true shorts!

Paul W.
New Jersey

Posted in Men's shorts- How short? on 2003-05-22 01:38:45

I make my own shorts with a great deal of sucess; it's a good way to recycle your old jeans. I just cut them and hem them, besides most men become very good tailors once they try it. It is sort of like engineering and building something--sort of speak. International Male is a good source if you want to wait, and prove to someone that a man can actually buy traditional shorts from a retailer; but why not go ahead and custom make your own shorts the way you feel comfortable with and save some dough in the process. I think alot of people out there are just a bunch of "fashion slaves" who are ruled by "media culture" and peer pressure. I look at it this way, if you want to be comfortable, who's business is it anyway how you like your shorts.========== In Reply To ========== I know it's common in this country that sewing is done by girls and stay-at-home moms, but in times past, men too were taylors and clothes-makers. In other words, U can make your own shorts by buying a style/color you like and then cut them shorter and hem them. It's not too difficult. I figured out how to do this in a hour. It only takes an hour or so to cut and hem your shorts shorter. So why wait 4 fashion to make shorts shorter. Just do it yourself and be comfortable.

Posted in Men's shorts- How short? on 2003-05-10 12:09:48

I agree 100%!!!========== In Reply To ========== am a straight male. I wear my shorts pretty short and I shave my legs to keep them smooth. I tan easily and I'm self-consious, but if I wear shorts in the summer, I want to have good-looking legs. Nothing is more beautiful than a woman with long smooth beautiful legs in short-shorts.

I think men's shorts should be short like running shorts were in the '70s and that GIRL'S AND WOMENS SHORTS SHOULD BE LIKE MEN'S SPEEDOS!! Why? Well, consider this. Everytime a woman wears really short shorts, they suspect she's a hooker, or horny guys might try to rape her. In Tahiti, women go topless everywhere, and no one thinks anything about it! Rape and other sex crimes are practically non-existant. If from a young age, children in both sexes are put in short shorts, and girls wore 'brief' shorts that just cover their panties, then by the time they're adults, they've been conditioned to seeing a lot of bare leg, and it would be just as normal as seeing a woman's bare hands are to us today.

THen, we could enjoy the comfort and freedom of short-shorts with out any worry of negative reprocusions from society.

Posted in Men's shorts- How short? on 2003-04-09 04:48:40

I couldn't agree with you more. I think that the overall look of today's shorts makes the person look weighed down and sluggish--when the length is well past the knees. Shorts just look better when they are shorter. I like to wear my shorts short for comfort and optimal freedom of mobility when running, walking, or riding my bike. Besides,I'm proud of my fit legs and don't mind showing-off a little. I hope that the fashion industry will catch on someday and realize that they could have a large market selling short shorts for men.

Posted in Men's shorts- How short? on 2002-11-16 07:20:00

========== In Reply To ========== I am 55-- nothing to look at ever- but I happen to like a pair of shorts to be a little bit shorter than is now the norm. It is not drastically different-- but is shorter.My wife just cuts a couple inches off. I never thought that people would think I was gay or think I was in any way unusual. I did not know I was giving any sort of "message" I was really surprised to read this poll-- as to what what shorts possibly mean. Its certainly not my intent-- which is good as I have nothing to show off physically regardless of what the length of the shorts. thanks

I response to your message, please don't get the wrong idea about this poll; I didn't mean to imply that short shorts on a man gave the wrong signal! The reason I posted this poll was to research the general thoughts of others. I feel more comfortable on long hot summer days wearing my shorts at a shorter length than what is traditional with the stupid "rap" style baggy, sloppy clothes that the stores sell today. I think short shorts are more comfortable and they just plain look better. I normally don't make a big deal out of clothing issues, but the shorts thing bothered me enough to seek the opinion of others, through the poll ( because I don't want to send the wrong signal either!). I think T.V. shows and other forms of media are mostly to blame for my anxiety. Every-time I turn around, someone is making negetive references about men and short shorts (usually calling them gay, or something to that effect).It seems like people thease days want to judge each other too much, just based on their clothing styles, which I think is down right silly! As far as I'm concerned, it is nobody's business anyway especially considering the major threats to our world's peace! Thanks