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Posted in Judicial Punishments on 2022-04-15 22:08:04

I really wouldn't want to miss out on the nudity. Diapers aren't necessary, if you are woried about the victims $%!@ting themselves (personally I don't even care about that).

Just give them an enema beforehand. It can even be used as torture.

Alternatively, just plug up their orifices with something. Potentially also very interesting to look at and painful.

Or, just don't let them eat anything for about two days before the execution. Also a form of torture, but not a spectacle for the audience. Unless of course... That suggestion in the post above. I really like the idea of starving the kids and giving them nothing but $%!@ and $%!@ to drink.

Posted in Age of consent on 2022-04-12 00:55:04

'Shock. Disbelief. Concern. Sad,'

OMFG. $%!@ing shoot me now. I can't belief the reactions, that some people have to teenagers having sex, not even with adults, but just with other teenagers. How far removed from real life can you be to think like this? I swear, some people were born old.

I would say, it is stupid and most likely scummy to film such an event and circulate the video around, especially if faces are visible.

Other than that, this is as newsworthy as a sack of rice falling over in China. Unless of cause the girl didn't consent, but that wasn't even mentioned.

Man, I feel so sorry for these kids. They are NOT being protected by the law here, just their parent's fragile ego is.

Posted in TRASH THAT WEDDING DRESS! on 2022-03-11 20:16:40

Wow! This thread went off the hinges pretty quickly. Not hating, but I'm taking it down a notch and suggest a fun and naughty trashing method, that hopefully doesn't result in any harm to anyone.

Start again by setting the dress on fire, but then have the guests pee out the fire, before it can seriously hurt the bride. If the fire has been extinguished, but there are still some full bladders left, the bride has to drink the rest.

Posted in Judicial Punishments on 2022-03-11 20:01:37

Nice thread! I hope it'll keep going.

I totally agree on nudity being a must. It's a no-brainer. Nudity makes everything better and there's no reason to spare the victims the shame.

Not fully sold on capital punishment for every single offense. It's a cool thought but it goes a bit too far. Non-fatal torture and mutilation are also quite scary and potentially entertaining. Torture would be used for light offenses, that don't fall under the criminal code, like lying to parents or disobedience. Or just as a preventative measure to scare kids straight, if parents think it necessary. Of course this can also be done in private at home without state involvement. Mutilation for any victimless crime. Death for crime, that has caused actual harm or damage, like shoplifting or slander.

As for the method, I also agree, that short drop hanging is a good one. But it shouldn't be the only one. We need variety. For one thing, I believe it would increase the deterrence factor, if any would-be offenders don't know what grisly fate might await them. And more importantly, to draw more spectators and increase revenue. Just hanging will get dull after a while and some people don't enjoy it much to begin with. Personally, I would like to have bloody execution methods on the menu. Beheadings or any other sort of dismemberment, that result in death, would be a great spectacle. Crushing or dropping from a great height would also be nice. Stoning has the advantage, that the audience can participate. Or just a savage beatdown with fists and sticks.

Posted in Incest and Self-confidence on 2021-12-16 14:50:19

Look at this study. It confirms, that incest between siblings above the age of 9 leads to an increase in sexual self-esteem. There's also other interesting studies on the topic