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Posted in How often did/do you wear shoes (males) on 2004-02-23 23:50:44

you dumb $%!@

Posted in Greatest Comic Book Superhero Battles on 2004-02-23 23:50:06

wow where you up all night writing that?

========== In Reply To ========== It seems most people voting on this are just not familiar with the Spectre and Swamp Thing, who are both ridiculously powerful in current continuity.

I have to agree with BatmanTheDarkKnight's post; the comics have shown that Batman can and does outsmart and overcome anybody not at a cosmic power level. I'm reminded of when the JLA comic started up again and the white martian leader tells the captured Superman that the fact that Batman is still loose is not a problem because he's only an ordinary human, and Superman starts LAUGHING...

RE: Thor vs. Superman, Superman may be super-fast, but the comics have established that he has no invulnerability against magic weapons or attacks; a magic sword cuts him as if he were normal, & Mjolnir would seriously f*ck him up. Thor didn't "suddenly" get magic lighning, that's what he's always been doing. Read the damn comics if you're going to argue about them.

ATTENTION WOLVERINE LOVERS. Spidey HAS kicked Wolvie's $%!@ in the comics.

The Indiana Jones vs. Lara Croft question reminded me of a fanart picture on a Tomb Raider site of Lara vs. Solid Snake of Metal Gear Solid. Instead of fighting, they were making out. Based on how the characters act, if Indy and Lara met, they would make love, not war.

Read THANOS QUEST, THE INFINITY WELL, and any long Darkseid story. If Thanos and Darkseid ever got together and teamed up against ANYBODY, they would win.

Posted in FOR GIRL ATHLETES on 2004-02-23 23:49:25

go buy a condom or something you don't belong here

========== In Reply To ========== Like I said, all bluff and no stuff!!

Posted in Parents- what is OK at a group for children? on 2004-02-14 21:21:29

Why did you say "You americans" you racist $%!@.

========== In Reply To ========== You who work with children aren't allowed to hold them? wow, this sounds terribly cold, what if the kids need a hug? Are you americans insane? Are you so terrified of what your peers might think/guess/speculate wildly about that you refrain from showing your kids affection? Even so, perhaps there's a reason for that, when you see this poll, and under what category it's placed... I understand the need to protect the kids from actual abuse, but from affection? Man, no wonder George "Church and state unite" Bush can be voted prez, you lot are frighteningly dim. Hope your kids make it unscathed, though I have no illusions as to that effect... with tripidation MrN

Posted in ACTORS & ACTRESSES who do you rate on 2004-02-12 02:17:47