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Posted in Female vs Male nudity in movies on 2003-09-29 13:24:33

Why should there not be full on vagina shots in movies?Minus all the hair..so that men or women can enjoy an "equal view" of a womans labia majora,labia minora,clitoris,vaginal opening...to what is visible on a nude male.

Posted in Male frontal nudity on film on 2003-09-29 06:19:12

There is'nt a perfect equivalent for treating nude scenes between men and women.How is it equal for men?...if when a womans' breasts are shown..you must show a mans genitalia to equalize this situation.WRONG!!!!Women talk about ALL of this female nudity in movies and how they long for male frontal nudity in movies...if movies show male frontal nudity, then movies should also have $%!@ shots,labia shots...so that men can have just as good of view of the female parts as women have of men.

Posted in Male frontal nudity on film on 2003-09-29 05:45:07

Comparatively speaking there is an obvious difference between male/female full frontal nudity..with female frontal nudity the womans $%!@ is mostly internal(meaning the $%!@,the labia(lips),the prepuce(clitoral hood)are for the most part "hidden".So,as far as the obviousness or agressiveness of the female genitalia goes ,much is left to the imagination even if her $%!@ is mostly shaven.Only if a naked woman lays back,spreads her legs,spreads her lips can one get an "equivalant view" of what one could see on just a standing nude male.This blatantly obvious "visual difference" (point of view) between male and female frontal nudity is often deliberately omitted in some circles,such as some womens'groups/feminist groups etc.,in order for these groups to obtain a socially acceptable gender equality for both female and male frontal nudity and thereby seemingly strengthening their argument and seemingly justifying their deluded meaning.Simply,two barometers must be applied because of the inherent difference in the male/female genitalia.