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Posted in About Your Private Photos on 2016-05-10 15:06:34

When I was 16 I went to a friends house party for her 17th birthday. We had a lot to drink and in the evening there were 7 of us left, 5 girls, 2 boys and we decided to play strip poker. Between us we were taking photos all night and the next morning we all sat together uploading photos to Facebook. We had to check every single photo to make sure none of them had any nudity of any of us in. After uploading the 'safe' photos we went back to bed as we had hardly slept the night before. We only slept for about 2 hours but when I woke up I had a load of notifications on my phone saying that one of the photos had been 'liked' over 100 times. I was like 'what the hells going on' and when I opened up my phone I quickly realised why. One of the photos was of my mates Paul and Clare, both fully clothed having a chat. What we hadn't realised was in the background myself and Sophie were stood having a fag in the garden - both topless!!! The garden floodlight was on which meant we were lit up perfectly. In the original photo we were quite small but the camera quality was so good that by zooming in you could literally see everything. We immediately deleted the photo but by that point everyone had had their look at it and loads of people had screen shot it. The next day, at school, it was blown up on notice boards all around the corridors. Even teachers were asking if we'd had a good night. We were mortified!!!

When I was 17 my boyfriend asked if he could tie me up. I found it strange for him to ask as I was the more sexually adventurous one in the relationship and if anything I had started to get bored of our sexual encounters so much so that a couple of weeks before I had drunkenly offered myself on a plate to one of his mates although nothing happened. Anyway I was turned on by the idea and hoped it may rekindle our romance. He asked me to put on my sexiest underwear which I did and then he told me to sit on a chair. He was being really dominant which I also enjoyed as it wasn't his normal style. He tied my ankles to the chair legs using two of my silk scarves and then pulled my arms round the back of the chair and bound them together with a thin rope. All of the ties were tight and I had no way of escape. He asked me if I wanted to be gagged but I said no. He then teased me for around 10 minutes before slowly removing my bra. Then he rubbed between my legs for another 5 minutes before untying my thing so I was totally naked. Then he disappeared for a few seconds which added to the suspense before returning. He slowly made his way down until his face was between my legs. Then, suddenly, there was a knock at the door. I thought it strange immediately as it was almost as if he was expecting it and he straight away stopped what he was doing and got up to answer it. I couldn't hear what was happening but within moments he returned through the door - followed by 3 of his mates (including the one I had 'propositioned')!!! I couldn't do anything other than sit there totally naked. I was in tears and he was just talking to his friends as if I wasn't there. Suddenly after about 5 minutes he turned round to his mates and said 'oh sorry guys, should have introduced you, this is my EX-girlfriend #€%*. Feel free to do what you like to her while you're here, she doesn't feel I satisfy her so you guys are welcome to give it a go'. I was literally bawling my eyes out but her didn't care. To their credit none of the guys touched me at all, but that didn't stop the constant staring and comments about my boobs and genitals. After what seemed like years (but was probably an hour/hour and a half) his friends left. He untied me and told me to get out of his house. I tried to reason with him but he didn't care. It had obviously all been planned and I couldn't believe he could humiliate me like that. We have never spoken since and I'm now very careful about situations I put myself in.

I am an 18 year old girl and went to a friends 19th birthday party earlier this year. She is quite eccentric and a bit of an exhibitionist. Her party was a dare party and everyone had to select a dare when they entered the party. Each dare was picked randomly and had a number attached. There were 27 of us at the party and throughout the course of the evening numbers between 1 and 27 would be chosen 10 times. If your number was called you had to open your dare and you HAD to do it. I had asked my friend beforehand about the dares as I am very shy and was a little nervous about what I might have to do. She tried to put my mind at rest by telling me most of the dares were easy things like kiss a guy of your choice or flash your bra/boxers for example. She also said there were some more risqué dares but the chances of getting a bad one AND then being picked were slim. It did take a lot of consideration before deciding to attend but she was a good friend and I didn't want to miss it. Anyway the party was great fun and a few of the dares had been done already. A girl had had to forfeit her trousers for the whole evening, a boy had had to kiss another boy and another boy had had to run around the garden in just his boxers. I felt really relaxed as I would have been ok with any of those tasks. The next number to be called was number 19 - my number!!! I tentatively opened my dare and immediately my heart sank. 'Pick a friend of the same sex then the 2 of you must perform a sexy duo striptease for a guy of your choosing - you should both finish only in underwear but topless!!!'. I was absolutely $%!@ting myself. I picked the birthday girl to do it with me cos I knew she'd be confident (which she was). The hardest bit was choosing the guy as I knew NONE of the guys there. We decided to pick the youngest and 'geekiest' guy there, to give him a treat haha. Once we got going I was ok until I had to remove my bra. My friend had hers off almost before we started but she had to basically take mine of for me as I couldn't bring myself to do it. Once I had been topless for a few seconds my inhibitions started to go and I even squeezed the guys face between my boobs haha. Later in the evening I realised it could have been much worse as another girl had to streak to the end of the street and back butt naked so I probably got off quite lightly!!!

Posted in Car wash fund raisers on 2014-04-13 00:41:10

No one will believe this story as no one ever does. My uni netball team needed to raise £3,000 for a trip to play in a tournament in France. We organised a few events including a quiz night and a sponsored walk but we raised less than £1,000. One of the other girls suggested a car wash to try and raise some more funds which we all thought was a good idea. We did one wearing our netball kits at which we raised £750. We only had 2 weeks left to make enough money to pay for the trip and we held a meeting to discuss how we could raise almost £1,500 quickly. We were talking in one of our dorms when one of the guys who also lived there jokingly said he would pay more to have his car washed if we were topless. We laughed it off but later in the evening we still hadn't thought up any ideas. We had been drinking and one of the girls said I wonder if the topless thing would actually work. I straight away said I wouldn't do it along with 2 of the other girls but the other 7 girls in our squad started discussing it as a serious option. The guy who had originally suggested it came back in and the girls asked him how much he'd pay. He said £50 if some of us were topless or £100 if all of us were. A couple of his mates were with him this time and they agreed to match it for the same deal. After hearing how much we could make just off these 3 the other girls were even more certain they wanted to do it and they managed to persuade one of the other 2 to go along with it. Me and Rebecca were then the only 2 still against it. The boys left and it turned a little nasty with the other 8 girls saying me and Rebecca were letting the team down if we refused. Eventually the pressure became too much and we agreed. We had to speak to our uni to allow it which they did after A LOT of meetings. We had to do it after 10pm and were only allowed to advertise it to fellow students. We arranged it for 4 days later and when the night came about we washed cars topless until 3am. We made £3,200 just from this so made our target easily and so had spending money for our trip. It was crazy but not as scary as I anticipated it being!!!

Posted in Sexual acts in public on 2009-07-25 17:30:55

I have never had full sex in public but I have done stuff and been caught once which was embarrassing but funny at the same time. It happened when me, my boyfriend and his best mate were on holiday in Spain and one night we were playing some games in our hotel room. My boyfriend suggested going down to the beach at like 3 in the morning and playing down there. So we headed down to the beach. We were all so drunk. We started playing strip poker and I lost so I was starkers on the beach. Then they told me I had to play another game to get my clothes back. They shuffled the cards and then told me to keep turning them over, one at a time. If I picked out a black suited card from 2 to 10, my boyfriend had to finger me for that many seconds. But if it was a red suited card between 2 and 10, his mate had to finger me for that many seconds. If I picked out a black jack or queen my boyfriend had to lick me out for 15 seconds but again if it was red his mate would do it. If I picked out a black king, I had to give my boyfriend a blowjob, but a red one, and yes, you've guessed it, I had to give his mate a blowjob. As soon as the first Ace appeared it was game over. A black one meant I could get all my clothes back, a red one meant I had to walk home butt naked. The good news was the first Ace was only 7 cards in, although during the first 6 cards I did have to let his mate lick me out and give him a blowjob. The bad news was it was red so I had to walk home naked. I was seen quite a few times I can see you but at least I mostly got whistles of approval.