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Posted in Bedtime for husband on 2013-05-09 00:41:05


Our stepmothers brought us to eat in bed. They told us we'd have to announce them when we'll have finished. "And hurry up! You'll have to be ready to sleep light out before we have dinner!" John wasn't satisfied with our baby meal. He found unfair to have only a jar of baby food and a feeding bottle with sleepy milk, what we have normally to eat during bed punishment, though this time we were good boys and didn't deserved to be punished. Meanwhile ladies will have a good dinner with a desert downstairs. I tried to calm down him, remarking since we had to sleep immediatly it was better to have a light meal. He told I was a boots licker, I replied he was a crybaby and that I prefered to be quioet and obedient instead of have to be spanked bare bottom and have a cornertime in nightie in front of everyone. We ate our baby food and sucked at our baby bottles without more talking. I announced through the babyphone that we were finished and ready to go to brush our teeth. We were already back in bed when our stepmommies came back upstairs. The one of John closed our shutters and curtains while the mine switched on our bedside lamp and tuck us in, making sure we have our soft toys and putting us dummies in the mouth. My bed neighbour ventured to ask his stepmother if "Will we allowed to get up next morning?" She replied sharpely "You'll see! I think that yourself wouldn't deserve it. But perhaps my daughter will be more lenient… Now, it's sleepy time for both of you, gentlemen! We'll can dine peacefully downstairs. And do remain silent in your bed! No talking, no light. Each to his own side. Turn one's back! Don't forget the babyphone." They kissed us nite-nite, switched the lamp off and locked us for the night in our bedroom. Near 6 pm. In fact we were on time for our usual beddy-byes.

Posted in Bedtime for husband on 2013-05-09 00:40:10


Just as he got also into bed, Bea brought "potties for big old babies". She observed mockingly that we "made ourself comfortable for a long weekend in bed". John complained again he had to sleep by the side of me. She replied he was a crybaby , that our bed was quite big enough for both of us and that we were "so sweet" like this side by side on our pillows. Then she and Rosemary left our bedroom because it was time for drinks. For themself only, of course, not for us poor boys. John asked me if it was true we'd have to be in bed the whole weekend. I didn't know. That wasn't us who could decide. We'd have only to do what our wives wanted. John bitterly told "If we have to be bedridden all the time I hope that the weather will be bad!" I answered I' didn't mind and maybe we'd occasionnaly allowed to read in bed.

Posted in Bedtime for husband on 2013-05-09 00:37:51

Any news about last Easter.

My wife Flo, her mommy Gladys and myself were invited by Doris, John's stepmother. Flo drove us. Ariane, John's wife, drove her hubby as well as our two secretaries and babysitters! We left with our two cars Thursday just after work. In our luggages, our wives put our washbags and of course also our nightdresses, our soft toys, our bibs, our dummies, babybottles, without forgotting a babyphone and potties. When we reached Doris house it was about 5pm. John's stepmom welcome us and after salutations and kisses she told us that "their beds are ready for hubbies. They'll dine in bed and be sleepy before we'll sit down to eat". It wasn't of course time for troubles. After all, it was almost our daily beddy-byes. Then no protest nor question. Rosemary offered to get us ready for bed and to tuck us in. She and John's stepmom accompanied us upstairs. In our room, that was two beds, one single and another double. I asked John which of the two he prefered. Before he answered, Doris explained John and me we would have to lay both in the double bed, because the single one was for Mike, a nephew of her who had to come the next day! John moaned. Be put to bed early even for Easter weekend was all right since he was used to baby beddies, but in the same bed as me, no way! No way? His stepmother gave him a sudden slap in the face and ordered him to undress and get into bed immediately. He obeyed sobbing and muttering until he received another slap. Myself, I toke off my clothes quickly and silently. I was naked first and put on the short and light nightie which Rosemary held out to me. Before I got into bed I asked permission to go to the toilet. I was allowed "but quickly! You're going to have your dinner in bed." Coming back, I saw John also ready for bed, wearing a blue and white nightdress and a nightcap. He was still in tears. I suggested I choose the left side in the bed. He only nodded and went to the toilet in his turn.

Posted in Bedtime for husband on 2013-01-14 01:36:23

A weekend that stepmom babysat us, John and me, a neighbour came with her at our bedsides for our early supper at 3:45 pm. I was bed punished because I looked at a unkown woman with too much insistence Saturday morning while shopping with my wife. I know, I'm incorrigible and deserved my punishment. John was in bed because his wife wanted to go out without him. Since stepmom was going to babysit me, John's wife took advantage of that to sent also him to bed in my room. As I was punished, I had to keep my dummy in the mouth. I was also in bed with my teddy bear. Our sheets and pillows were azure with white clouds and yellow rabbits. Stepmummy and the neighbour got us settled in our beds for the snack, put us our bibs on, spoon-fed us with baby's cereale and gave us babybottles of sleepy-milk. The neighbour was of course astonished but joyful seeing us so babied. Stepmom explained her closing our shutters and our curtains "They aren't babied because they have early bedtimes, bed punishment, babybottles, dummies, bibs and teddy bears. On the contrary. We put them early to bed and do them the other things because they are big but real babies!" I guess that ladies HelenU and Twase Lady will agree with stepmom.

Posted in Bedtime for husband on 2013-01-10 12:57:22

Dear Steven, thanks for your message. Stepmummy is very well ;-) She still often put me to bed and babysits me. When she feels I was naughty, she also slaps and spanks me strongly. That's her who usually (of course if I deserved its) reads me a beddy-byes story and kisses me night-night. She's less quick-tempered than her daughter but stricter than her.

By the way, have you noted I posted TWO updates? Greetings.