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Posted in Females sitting on and pinning males on 2003-11-09 23:38:59

Hey, I'm a boy who is a freshman in HS and on the JV Hockey team. My girlfriend is also a freshman and on the JV Girls Soccer team. She is a few inches shorter than me, a few months younger than me, and quite a bit lighter than me. One day, after one of her soccr games, we were at my house and my parents weren't home, I don't know how it started, but we decided to wrestle, I was wearing regular clothes and she was in her soccer uniform, so most of her legs were showing. At first I thought it would be fun just to play around and let her pin me a few times. After a few pins, I decided to put a little more strength into it, she still pinned me. Finally, she looks at me and says, "how 'bout you actually try." Smiling, I said, "fine"
OMG, she pinned me again so easily. I couldn't believe it, she was just starting to play with me now, putting moves on me just to cause pain. I actually thought it sexy when she squeezed my head with her legs. She was so strong. I never was even able to relax. She thought it was so funny. She didn't do anything like hold it against me. She doesn't tell anyone or do anything but we wrestle again and again on the weekends and she always wins.

Girls, how do you do it, e-mail me at sstevens4c@aol.com

Posted in Wrestling with littlte Girls on 2003-11-04 00:06:36

I was captain of my hockey team last year but for some reason, my girlfriend can totally dominate me in a wrestling match, even when i was trying my hardest and she wasn't. How do girls do that, especially to high schoolers, please email me at sstevens4c@aol.com with your story.

Posted in GIRLS ONLY: Wrestling against Boys on 2003-11-03 21:49:32

I'd really like to know the stories of other girls, don't worry, i am not disgusting or anything like that.

Posted in Are Girls stronger than boys on 2003-11-03 00:29:24

========== In Reply To ========== I am 16 years old and have lost at wrestling to girls as young as 5 years old. The last match I had was with a 5 year old girls, a friend of my sister. At first I was beating her, but she got underneath me, and I lost my balance - the she got on top of me and put me in a headlock and made me give up. We had another match, and this time she pinned me within 10 seconds. I can tel you how strong girls are.

Okay, first of all, losing to a girl close to ur age is one thing, but how do u lose to a 5 year old, dude, some advice, get a membership to a gym

Posted in Women wrestling men on 2003-11-03 00:23:28

========== In Reply To ========== Hello, I'm excited by the reaction to my poll, it seems there are a lot of strong women out there. More than 70% of you said you could pin a guy like me very easily. I'd love to hear from you. I challenge you to a friendly virtual match. Nothing serious, just a little fun. E-mail me at hikepoet@Hotmail.com, and tell me why why/how you think you can win.

Hey, i'm a boy, 14 yrs old. I play hockey and am very strong. My girlfriend who is the same age but abit smaller, can totally kick my a-- in a wrestling match. She proved three times, not only is she good, she pinned me easily and made me beg for mercy. She doesn't use it against me though, we do it for fun bt she can totally beat me. How do you girls do this? I jus' witnessed a wrestling match from our school' wrestling team the other day, it was a boy vs. girl match and the girl totally rocked, she made the boy submit every time. Please, tell me how.