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Posted in Teen Curfews on 2003-11-13 12:39:49

Thank you both for replying to my question. Although it seems to me that "The Land of The Free" isn't as free as we're led to believe. I'm danish, there are no curfew for anyone here at all, ever.. it is taken for granted that the parents look out for their kids, it's not the states responsibility. As I said, you scare me a wee bit. MrN

========== In Reply To ========== Yes, In many US cities it is illegal for teens to be in public after whatever time the police say. Punishment ranges from arrest to a ticket, or to take the teen home.

Posted in Religious Practice on 2003-11-06 10:31:56

But then again, others might think differently, there are as many "one true faiths" as there are people. Believe whatever you like, or find true, just remember, respect others too. That means, NO hurting people that don't agree with you.. alright?.. good! Greets MrN

Posted in Teen Curfews on 2003-11-06 09:57:59

Are you telling me it's against some law to be out after a specific time? Isn't that a so called "marshall law" thing? God you people scare me. MrN

Posted in age for sex on 2003-11-06 09:51:23

How do you answer "what is the right age to have sex".. can't be done, there is no "right age" there are only the individual choice, some are ready when they're 12, some when they're 25... it varies to such a degree that people have deemed it neccessary to make laws about it- and rightly so, to protect those who are not able to protect themselves. Sex is fun, but not if it's forced upon you, and not if you're not ready. Don't fret, you'll know when that is, your body will tell you. So be you 14 or 25 when it happens, enjoy, just make sure it's your choice. Greets from MrN

Posted in Parents- what is OK at a group for children? on 2003-11-06 09:44:42

You who work with children aren't allowed to hold them? wow, this sounds terribly cold, what if the kids need a hug? Are you americans insane? Are you so terrified of what your peers might think/guess/speculate wildly about that you refrain from showing your kids affection? Even so, perhaps there's a reason for that, when you see this poll, and under what category it's placed... I understand the need to protect the kids from actual abuse, but from affection? Man, no wonder George "Church and state unite" Bush can be voted prez, you lot are frighteningly dim. Hope your kids make it unscathed, though I have no illusions as to that effect... with tripidation MrN