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Posted in Mother pee situations at swimming pool on 2016-06-09 06:00:26

saragirl, you crack me up, but I totally get what you're saying! Guys do anything they want, but always expect women (especially moms), to be so completely naive and proper about it. Our boys never make an effort to use the bathroom before going down to the pool, nor does my husband when he goes with us. Instead, they're very outspoken about the fact they pee as they're changing clothes in the dressing area. We're guys... we're entitled to... it's fun... who are you to question us? right guys! Laying out on the pool deck the moms have a clear view under the partition walls and follow the guys feet as they walk into the dressing room and just casually relieve themselves onto the floor! We all roll our eyes or shake our heads as we see it, but we're just expected to accept this. So yes, I too rather enjoy sitting down at the edge of the pool in front of my husband and emptying my bladder forcefully toward him in the pool, I guess it's just a little bit of revenge.

Posted in Do boys need to track into the house just to pee? on 2016-05-18 03:07:00

My poll wasn't perfectly written, many boys answered as boys and parents and I didn't separate moms from dads. I really wanted to know if other moms agreed with me. However, looking through the detailed Excel Data, I was able to separated out only those whom claimed to be moms in the first question, which left us with about 88 moms as of now. As I thought, 62% of moms said they would prefer if theirs boys just peed out in the yard when they're outside. Another 11% said they'd rather the boys come inside, but pee on the floor in the garage or basement instead of tracking into the bathroom. Only 27% desire for the boys to come in and use the bathroom. This is similar to a poll @ baby center where 66% of moms said it was fine for boys to do so and one @ mothering where 83% weren't opposed to it.

Years ago my boys were so offended when I'd insist that they just go outside and acted as if it was some taboo thing to do, I'm glad to see that like me, most moms would rather boys do so outdoors.

Posted in Mother pee situations at swimming pool on 2016-05-17 05:43:02

Does it bother you if there's a visible stream when you're peeing at a urinals? There's some variance between polls, but from those I've seen, somewhere between 58% and 85% of moms use pools as a urinal, that's more common than urinal usage in mens rooms! Every other mom I know pees in pools and it's common for us to get up from sunbathing and sit along the edge of the pool to dangle our feet and pee. Yes, there are times when I'm sure there's some visible stream or color, but everyone knows why we came poolside anyway. I've never gone to any effort to hide it, at times I've announced to the kids, "I'm not coming in, mommy just needs to go pee pee!" This isn't some taboo act, it's common practice among moms, who's going to leave their kids alone in the pool to go pee? It's not as if young men are any more proper, as most guys, I know my teenage boys aren't running in to use urinals, but rather spraying it out on the floor. It's obvious to us, as the walls don't extend down to the concrete and their streams are clearly visible to moms sunbathing on the pool deck. We don't pass judgement on the boys, so should we be concerned if our urine streams are visible?

Posted in Mother pee situations at swimming pool on 2016-05-12 01:44:29

Mothering and parenting websites will confirm, more moms pee in pools than use the restrooms!

Posted in Going Braless on 2016-02-11 21:08:53

Almost never wear one, looks and feels so much better without.