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Posted in GUYS ONLY pissing poll on 2021-11-30 04:30:44

There's nothing worse than a grown man or teenage boy whining "he has to go pee." Guys can literally pee anywhere so it's totally absurd for them to go running off to find a restroom. Who cares where you do it, just don't bother your moms, girlfriends or wives with such a ridiculous problem, just whip it out and go!

Creativity, you brought up a rather interesting point that I've noticed over the years, spending most of my time now in America, but yet having spent much time in Europe as well. As you say, in India, as well as many Eastern European countries it's quite common for people (especially men) to pee openly when needed. As such, I never really encountered many people peeing on floors or walls of restrooms or locker rooms, they just simply peed outdoors. In America and even some of Western Europe, everyone's so freaked out about nudity that people are hesitant to pee in public. Even so, they don't seem to be uptight about where they pee, just that they're not in public view. I've seen far more people peeing or encouraging kids to pee on the floors or walls of locker rooms, dressing rooms or even restrooms in America than I ever did in Europe.

Posted in Do boys need to track into the house just to pee? on 2021-08-21 12:16:56

My boys do that too treyboy, they have always had fun doing so as well and it's perfectly harmless fun.

Posted in MOMS ONLY: about your boys... on 2017-09-13 07:18:44

Since I have to live in and clean our house, I'd never let our boys pee on carpet or against a living room wall, but with those exceptions, I really don't care where they do it outside or in public. Boys will be boys, so let them $%!@ freely.

whereami, I don't think that your mom encouraging you to spray it all over is that unusual. At one time, I would have thought that strange, but over the years my boys have become much more brazen and my good friend as well as my sister have witnessed them spraying it all over a public restroom. To my surprise, they were both intrigued by it and have since compelled the boys not to use the toilets, but instead to go for distance, height or just to make a mess. Not having boys themselves, they seem to be fascinated by my boys indifference as to where they do it and who they'll go in front of. My boys go about it as if it were as common as using a toilet. I know that they do this all the time and without incident, so I no longer ask them to use the toilets, but rather expect the boys will just spray it out wherever. They're not hurting anything and several of my friends enjoy watching the boys do so.