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Posted in How often do you pray in tongues? on 2005-09-06 04:57:46

Heh, I love French and Spanish. I'm good with languages. Yeah, the Lord doesn't care about earthly languages - Japanese, Pig Latin, whatever! He knows them all. But tongues is a good language to speak from a spiritual point of view. And it is useful, spiritually. shrugs From an earthly view, yes, Spanish or French or something would be more useful. But honestly, you can't really know until you've experienced for yourself... this is just as useful as those languages. Just you don't see it. And that's ok.

Posted in How often do you pray in tongues? on 2005-09-06 04:51:10

Oh, but it isn't a show. Admittedly I don't know of any instances where speaking in tongues definitely improved a person's situation, but "spiritual things" have touched so many people, and it sticks with them. With some people, it fades away, yeah. But others, their lives are changed because of it. There are thousands of testimonies where people were into such bad stuff - drugs, prostitution, whatever - and they turned to Jesus and got out of that. It's true. I haven't seen a show - I've seen the truth. And I'm sticking with it no matter what.

Posted in Spiritual Gifts on 2005-08-09 19:12:55

I most often see the gift of tongues. I have it myself and I go to a Bible camp where it is promoted very strongly. I've also seen the gift of prophecy and words of wisdom.

Posted in End Times? Anti-Christ? on 2005-07-27 05:30:09

Can you explain how the events in Revelation happened in 70 AD? I didn't know about that.

God's time, of course, isn't our time. Since all of the Bible was God-breathed and God-inspired, when John wrote this on the island of Patmos, he may or may not have been thinking of a particular "soon". John may have been thinking of his own meaning of "soon", while God may have thinking "soon" in a different way. To him, two or three thousand years is nothing compared to eternity, so that would seem like soon! I don't think we can assume anything about the use of that word. But I would like to know about these events having already happened.


Posted in End Times? Anti-Christ? on 2005-07-27 05:25:24

You are right, not all of Revelation is easy to take in a literal way anyway (although I'm not saying whether or not you should take it literally). It might indeed be something miraculous that every eye will see. However, it's also plausible that technology will help with that. It's all just thoughts, really - we won't really know until it happens.