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Posted in Birthday Spankings on 2003-07-29 16:28:56

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Posted in What is your favorite color Bra? on 2003-07-29 12:18:42

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Posted in Being naked in front of brother/sister on 2003-07-28 14:55:14

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Posted in Girls and Depantsing on 2003-07-27 23:53:32

I wrote this for the poll on PE Kit regulations, but it's relevant to here too:

At my school in Armenia, girls up to and including the year of age 12/13 wore only their knickers and vests for outdoor sporting activities and only their knickers for indoor sporting activities. We had to change in the classroom after the boys had left, which involved simply stripping down to our knickers and, if we were going outdoors, pulling on a vest. If we were wearing a bra and were to do indoor activities, we would have to take it off. From 13/14, we were allowed to wear bras and vests for indoor activities. From 15/16 we could wear shorts over our knickers and proper shirt tops that did not look like undergarments .
Basically, it was all about pecking order in the school and people knowing their place. Girls who were hitting 13 did not want to be still running round in their knickers, particularly when they were quite well developed in the bust, but it was done to distinguish them from the older girls. It also gave the gym teachers a ready made punishment for those who misbehaved, as girls could be told to dress as if they were in a younger year. The ultimate threat was to make the girls do gym with the boys but this was very rarely exercised. There was one occasion when two 14 year old girls were ordered to do gym in just their knickers with a class of boys. The teacher then invented a relay running race in which the girls were placed at opposite ends of the hall and teams of boys tried for the fastest time in repeatedly stripping the girls of their knickers, running with them, and dressing them on to the other girl. However, this was ruled to have gone too far and the teacher very nearly lost her job.

Posted in Do you pee in the shower? on 2003-07-27 14:56:52

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