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Posted in US controlling space on 2003-07-14 23:18:09

Fidel Castro may be everything you accuse him of being but there is one thing he is not. Fidel Castro is not a hypocrite. Cuba and Castro's Cuba alone of all nations helped the subjugated black people of South Africa to fight their Fascist rulers - hyped-up white settlers hell-bent on apartheid. If the USA is the most generous and moral country in the world, then why did the USA simply ignore the plight of non-white South Africans? Please don't use the old excuse of "we put embargoes on South Africa" because Fidel the "communist dictator, murderer, drug dealer and human enslaver" actually provided money, weapons and training to the great Nelson Mandela and the ANC. This was done despite the fact of an American embargo around Cuba. The USA may well have been speaking against the racists of South Africa but I do not recall an American-led "international coalition" invading South Africa to "liberate" her people. Why is that? Perhaps (and this is an old argument I know), perhaps it is because South Africa does not have any significant OIL/PETROLEUM deposits.

For those of you who are "amazed at why anybody hates Americans and generous, moral USA" should do something which you Americans are not famous for. Try spending time outside your beloved "homeland" (by this I do not mean go invade another country and "McDonaldise" it). The best way to learn what others think of you is to try walking in their shoes. If that does not make it clear, then you are too stupid for it to matter :P

========== In Reply To ========== This poll is nothing more than some "blame America" silliness. The world would be a total cesspool without the United States. The United States is the most generous and moral nation on the face of the earth. It always amazes me how the left loves garbage such as communist dictator, murderer, drug dealer and human enslaver Fidel Castro but trashes the United States. Sickening. The reason that other nations aren't in outer space is because the dictators, communist, socialist, and other thugs that run them have destroyed their economies and they can't afford to do anything.

P.S. this might hurt the majority of Americans but Nelson Mandela was, is and will remain an infinitely greater and more noble man than George Bush can ever aspire to be.