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Posted in The Most Embarassing Things... on 2004-11-29 17:23:31

I'd love more details on all these!

I can only compare one of your junior high experiences to the most recent embarrassing incident I witnessed at a family cookout.

This girl, I think she was a sophomore, wrestled an older boy to the ground in front of the crowd. She scissored him and demonstrated a couple other holds he couldn't break. He was mortified and left the scene with his little brother and friend shortly thereafter.

What made it worse was girl's older brother and the dad cheering and coaching from the sidelines. I thought it was very mean and told them so. Apparently this is a very athletic family, the son is a state caliber wrestler and the dad wrestled in college too. So, the girl obviously was trained and skilled.

But I can't help feeling sorry for the boy and wondering how he reconciled himself to this punishment.

Just a final note: What were the consequences of some of your experiences? Long term effects?


Posted in The Most Embarassing Things... on 2004-11-29 00:10:15

Terrific story. And I can picture it happening because you told it so well.

Posted in The Most Embarassing Things... on 2004-11-29 00:07:18

My brothers were great at sorting our captives into the younger or timid boys who would get sat on and tickled mostly and the stronger, older boys who could take spankings, clothespining, being tied up or taken out to the road. If they saw a boy was becoming overwhelmed, they would comfort him up and get him to laughing.

This served the purpose of not sending the kid home crying and bringing the parents and the law down on us. All our "victims" seemed okay with what was done to them, especially if their buddy was undergoing our torture too. I remember one boy who couldn't stop pointing at his friends and laughing at them in their underwear and being tickled and such.

We liked the boys who would play along with us and beg us not to do this or that to them or would act tough and say stuff like: "Never! You'll have to kill me first. You'll never find it (flag, treasuree, map, etc.)" Along with the embarrassment, there was still a lot theater too. And our side would threaten all kinds of stuff."We'll tickle until you wet yourelf, We'll spank you until you cry like a baby, or "talk or you'll burn at the stake." (usually to a boy tied to a tree with a pile of kindling at his feet which we doused with a gas can filled with water.) We liked to wet the boys down too and that was a treat, seeing them in wet underpants. Things never really got out of hand as there was a lot of play acting--we girls weren't as tough as we acted and the boys soon learned that.

Aside from the one sour note mentioned above, we did have a boy or two who got really angry. We wanted to really whip these, but we usually exchanged them for a prisoner the other side had or let him go. And we always worried about them making trouble for us with the parents. They were no fun.

Also, the boys we did stuff to were those who decided to prove themselves that they could allow a girl to strip them, lovepat their underpants, and tie them up and not break down. Yeah, there were some tears and blushing embarrassed looks, but everyone felt okay, even good when it was over and they had survived Crawford's Capture the Flag game.

Boys used to phone and ask if there was a game on, especially in the summer. No one squawked, though lots of boys knew about it.

And I learned a lot about boys too. My brothers were really macho, daring each other to do stuff --"I can put more clothespins on my face than you can, etc." But they could be really nice and kind to our captives if they were having a hard time and that made the game a game. Yes, we girls were mean and nasty, but the boys soon saw through that and would challenge us to bring it on. So we would tickle them all the harder. I loved pinning a boy to the ground and sitting on him and pouring maple syrup in his hair or on his underpants. I wonder how they explained the grasstains on their underpants!!

Posted in The Most Embarassing Things... on 2004-11-28 03:35:11

Yeah, we had a code of silence about this as my folks were active in the community and school and if anything got out, there would have been wrath down upon us.

Also, the new boys seemed stunned like you were but were determined to tough it out. It became kind of initiation to survive the Crawford gang and prove yourself.

Posted in The Most Embarassing Things... on 2004-11-27 23:41:58

Wow, what an ordeal, Still. I was the only sis in a house of brothers, but there were strict rules on privacy and respect so we kept the embarrassing incidents to a minimum. Away from the house, though, it was a different story. See my post, Mean and Nasty Girls. Thanks for sharing your experience.