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Posted in Guys and white briefs on 2010-11-14 18:57:37

Must be 60 months?

Posted in What should I wear on 7th grade school camp on 2010-10-02 16:16:19

I loved summer camp. Every year there wre new and uninitiated campers. One of our favorite games was Capture the Flag. While the object of the game was to capture the opponent's flag without being caught, another tactic was to capture as many of the opposing team as you could. This left them with fewer players to capture your team's flag.

We usually played one cabin against an other cabin. Since this was a coed camp, this usually meant the girls against the boys. Pitty the poor boys who got captured by our team. They could be captured anywhere within the bounds of the game, but we preferred to capture them on our side of the game as they tried to capture our flag.

We like to capture the boys one at a time as the other boys scattered to avoid capture. When we captured a boy, we could hold him until his team mates attempted to release him. Once he was captured the fun began.

Our favorite technigue was to strip off the boy's camp shorts and tee shirt to discourage the boy from attempting to escape. Most of the boys tried to put up a struggle and some were brought to tears as we relieved them of their shorts and shirts. We then kept their shorts and sent them under guard to our prisoner holding area wearing only their shoes and undies.

We would then hide and wait for another attack. Often, we would collect four or five prisoners in this manner.

Posted in Girls Depantsing Boys on 2010-06-26 21:00:38

I used to attend a co-ed summer camp every year. The boys used to try to stage a panty raid every year. Our defense was to capture one of the boys and strip him down to his undies. Usually, it was one of the new boys since the older boys knew what would happen if he got captured. We usually caught one boy and sometimes two. First, we would blindfold him so that he could not see all the participants. We then pulled off his tee shirt and held his arms behind his back. One of the girls, Melissa, who had a lot of experience was chosen to remove the boy's camp shorts. The girls were ready when Melissa began to unbutton and unzip the boy's shorts. The boy would "go nuts" when his zipper came down and Melissa yanked his shorts down to his ankles. We loved seeing the boy stripped down to his briefs. The younger girls, took great delight at seeing the the boy's stripped to his underpants. Melissa would usually, squeeze the boy's nut sack and touch the front of the boys briefs until he began to get a"stiffie". Sometimes the boy would beging to cry as we laughed at him.

Posted in Can women rape men? What do you think? on 2005-01-17 17:15:49

I could have raped them

When my brothers and I conducted our capture-the-flag games, we would strip our prisoners to their underpants and torture them by tickling or mild paddling, other stuff. These were pre-pubescent boys mostly, and often they would get erections for some of it and go back to being flaccid. It varied widely, depending on the boy and what was being done to him. Those that were fondled often had erections, of course. Now and then, one would not.

So, males get erect if stimulated or sometimes for no good reason. My brother still laughs about having a boner in math class and having to work a problem on the blackboard in that condition.

But, I'm among those who think a girl can rape a guy, perhaps not through physical force or at knifepoint, but just because he's aroused, she's there, and she takes him even if he expresses he'd rather not have sex with her. I could have had sex with our prisoners, and I think you would have to call it rape.

I've been e-mailing a guy who had this very situation where he was more or less pressured into having sex with a girl he didn't find attractive so his "friends" could watch him get deflowered. There's a scene kind of like this in "The Last Picture Show". Anyway, he had an erection and so the question becomes, what's he going to do about it? Let it happen in these circumstances and get it over with? Beg off and be ridiculed for not getting his rocks off when he had the chance? Seems to me it wasn't consensual, though he didn't resist or leave the scene, neither of which would have been easy. So, in his mind, it was rape though there was no force applied, it was implied, if you get the distinction.

Posted in The Most Embarassing Things... on 2004-11-30 03:17:40

Hey, don't worry about venturing a socio/psychological guess. I have some questions unless you want to address them on the forum which might help keep the interest and activity up.

  1. How did you and your stepbrother keep his level of embarrassment up? New activities? Scenes such as outside, in the car? Getting caught by friends or parents?

  2. Did passing through puberty with arousal, ejaculations enter into fresh embarrassments?

Thanks. That's if for now.