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Posted in Girls and Depantsing on 2004-02-03 08:00:02

Yeah right ----- I defy any girl to do that to me; it would never happen, I assure you.

========== In Reply To ========== Mandy,

You're right. Sure sounds like JustinKid is tempting fate!

Wouldn't it be hilarious if just ONE girl at his school found out about his brash comments here on this board? I'd bet he'd be depantsed by her and her girlfriends before that week's end!

Then, we'd be able get the answer to your boxers or briefs question. Ha! Ha!

Yes, you said it. There sure are a lot of smart aleck Justins out there that need to be depantsed.

Ever notice how their big mouths get really silent after getting depansted in front of a few girls? Especially if their underwear comes off, too, revealing something a lot smaller than normal for all to see. Ha!

Hey, JustinKid. Are you willing to let a few girls at your school know what you've been posting here? Or, are you afraid of them, little boy?

If you don't think they'd do it to you, then what are you afraid of?

Or, to turn around Teddy Roosevelt's quote, 'Do you just talk LOUDLY and carry a LITTLE stick'?


Posted in School Physicals on 2004-02-03 07:33:18

Can you be my Doctor? AndrewJ.SantosIII@Prodigy.net

========== In Reply To ========== I'm a female physician that loves the male body. When ever a good looking young man comes into my office, I always have him strip nude so I can enjoy his body as long as possible. I'm also lucky enough to have the contract at my two local high schools and middle schools for school and sports physicals. I always have the boys strip nude again so I can enjoy the sight of their young healthy c o c k s as long as possible. I always make sure to do a very thorough genital/hernia exam. Some get hard, some don't and some are hard even before the physical begins. I do get to see all of them hard eventually because I also have them jack off for a sperm sample. Watching all those young guys stroking their hard c o c k s and squirting their load into the cup gets me wet. When questioned by the board about this, I told them it was insurance in case one of the boys should suffer a groin injury during sports. It's on record what the sperm count was before the injury.

Posted in School swimwear on 2004-02-02 05:53:49

I agree. I am sure that many in this poll would either like to be in speedos or see others in speedos or even naked. But in 21st. century America, no school is going to have nude swimming, let alone for co-ed swimming sessions and, for that matter, unless you are on the swim-team, no school is going to make the average gym-class pool-time student where speedos.

========== In Reply To ========== I do not believe there is some places where is allowed to swim naked at P.E. classes. As for me I would not see any problem in this way in single sex lessons. But the rules in modern society are nothing school nudity before adult age. I am sure that in 21 century does not exist country with nudity customs in school P.E. Everybody who say anything else writte only about his fantasy. It is simple to vote "nude". If anybody has own real experinces with school nude swimming, should writte about it more, include time and place. I bet nobody has this experience exeception very past times.

Posted in Young Teenage Boys Only on 2004-02-02 04:43:07

========== In Reply To ========== AndrewJ.SantosIII@Prodigy.net - how would I find out

Posted in Young Teenage Boys Only on 2004-02-02 04:41:18

========== In Reply To ========== yes I do