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Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2019-09-18 16:40:57

Summer did seem to pass very quickly for me too. Kept busy, but still enjoying the retired life. So does it feel good to be in your senior year and realize university is but a year away? That is interesting concept to have more private study time rather than in a classroom setting. That is significantly different than I recall from my HS days. It does sound nice to have though a more secluded library space and time to explore your studies quietly. Why bored? Just don't allow it to tempt you to get into bad habits or use it to meet mates thinking it secluded and get into mischief.

From all you have said in prior messages, I sense parents have influenced you and guided you to be ready at 18 for that move out and be a responsible young man. I recall at university orientation the Dean telling us to glance at the person at your right & at your left. Said 1 in 3 who start university usually fail & drop-out, so decide for yourself if you would be that 1 in 3. Scared me straight & made me determined to study & not make university merely a "party-time" away from parental supervision. I succeed and made it...you will too if you commit yourself & not let yourself or your parents down. That said, university was a wonderful experience with new friends to make, a fine upperclassman as a dorm roommate to help me adjust to the new life & selecting classes that more interested me with good instructors.

A dad is a wonderful and awesome status. Have seen it from both sides...looking up to my dad growing up and being a dad myself, knowing I had to be the best role model I could be. You'll likely find what parents gave you and Chip growing up will all fall into place if your marry and have kids some day. I wasn't punished that much either, but when required, dad never hesitated and looking back I'm grateful for that. I can't say I would put the spanking option in the "backseat" and term it old fashion, but there are alternatives parents can use, so busting a boy's backside, maybe pants down, is only one option to reserve if required even now.

Traveling does open eyes and broaden a person's perspective. It can be a classroom education without the 4-walls. You'll have opportunities I'm sure. Be patient and you'll enjoy the experience even more & possibly do some with someone special in life. A part of traveling that makes it so great is sharing it with someone.

Any boy perceived as an angel is either a boy who sick & without energy to get into trouble or good at giving a false impression. Knew guys growing up who were more naughty than me & punished more frequently. The first time I was school paddled, no doubt it was deserved & I was guilty. In truth looking back, the principal should've told me to lower my jeans to get the paddle whipping, but that wasn't permitted & I was glad he couldn't at that moment. It was certainly different over jeans than how my dad spanked. Even though school never could use CP with you & Chip, I imagine your dad knew exactly what you & Chip needed once he got you home. He likely didn't enjoy giving the spanking or whipping to you or Chip, but you are better educated boys today on right vs wrong & prepared to take on the world as young men & it all comes down to fact a parent loves & cares enough for you to achieve that.

Good to hear from you -- RICK

Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2019-09-16 15:05:31

Hi Dennis, and yes summer has passed and we all look forward to autumn and I hope in your area it is full of color as the seasons change. Hope it was a good summer overall for you and now you are ready for that all important senior year. Going off to university at 18 was a big transition in my life. New friends to make. New learning on my own with a different sense of independence and responsibility. Guys in the dorm, as I recall, represented a variety of social, geographic and cultural backgrounds, but to help survive the transition, we helped one another. That was a valuable learning time beyond professors and classroom instruction. After awhile, we did learn from each other things we had in common now and from years growing up.

Congratulations on being re-elected to the school counsel. Your classmates must have great respect for you and your ability to represent them and the senior class's needs. I'm sure your VP and parents are too likely proud of you. Take that advice and always put school assignments first. Don't fall into the trap thinking 'senior privilege' and become '$%!@y' in your position or status.

What you say confirms you & Josh are typical brothers. Brothers do scrap but end up resolving those differences. At his age, you likely did stupid stuff too and lame excuses. Part of all boyhoods. Had no brother to spank, but we did those spanking games for fun within close friendships. Likely more fun to give than receive, but overall be it a game or your birthday, it seemed to equal out what end of the paddle. I'm sure you & Josh will come to the age when you look back and chuckle, though not funny at the time, how dad paddled or leathered your bottoms and realize even better why he had to do it. It didn't 'kill' you and it wasn't really a beating, but your butt was sore for awhile after. At university you might discover, as I did, just how universal that method of punishment was for most boys and everyone will likely tell a 'war story' about the worst butt whipping they got from their dad. Or, maybe times have changed!!

No disagreement on my part. Your dad is and always should be an important influence in your life. I lost a great best friend when my dad had that heart attack and died when I was only 27. He was my dad and he had my respect until that last day on earth.

Thanks and great to hear from you.


Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2019-08-17 12:52:48

Jamie...no embarrassment required. At your age and with summer break a time to unwind and in your case prepare to begin a HS Senior year, you need that time to be with friends, engage in social activities you enjoy, learn from your summer job and be outdoors and not primarily glued to internet. Sure time fly by quick. You'll feel that even more when you reach my age. You will have added responsibilities now & in the future, but suspect you are prepared for that and will succeed with your new achieved maturity and the wholesome upbringing you've had.

Kirstie and Ollie are good for you and you are good for them I am sure...in different ways obviously...but good for each other. Ollie might seem krazy at times with wild ideas, but bet he sees the same in you. From things you've said in prior messages, you two guys have been through a lot growing up...good times and those naughty times... that all normal guys go through. Kirstie will balance you in a totally different aspect & that is natural and expected too. Just cherish it all now and for the future.

Though school has never been allowed to paddle students in your generation, you've said many times that both your dad and Ollie's dad never hesitated to smack either of your butts when that was deemed justified. Shorts down I'm sure impressed you guys as much, maybe more, than getting a few swats over our jeans/trousers for guys in my generation. Sure there are effective punishment alternatives & I'm sure parents today employ them with you & boys of your generation with the same success rate of adjusting behavior as dads in my generation achieved by tanning our hide. The concept of a naughty chair was effective with me and boys I grew up with & it was I guess employed well with you growing up. It was, along with corner time, a method my mom utilized. Believe me, my naughty chair or stand in the corner saved my boy bottom from some spankings from dad, since mom wouldn't tell him what I did. I had a few of the more serious mischiefs too growing up where the corner or time out in my room was only the preliminary step and when dad got home, I'd get my butt whupped. No doubt, your mom was capable of spanking you as a boy & you're not the only boy who knew the experience of a mom tugging down your briefs & taking a backside of a brush to your bare bottom. Bet there were days too that you hoped that paddling from mom wouldn't be reported to dad when he got home & another from him. Every guy I imagine preferred dad being the one to wallop your bare behind if it had to happen as an adolescent/teen rather than mom.

College life and living in a dorm is an adventure and should be a big part of your added maturity and level of responsibility. What a guy puts into it will achieve what he reaps from it. You'll do well I'm sure. It's probably been years since mom or dad had to give you a bath/shower and tuck you into bed. You'll keep common sense hygiene and chores and manners goings because that is how your parents raised you. I'm sure you clean up, dress nice, talk politely and other good traits if for no other reason than to impress Kirstie. You're a young man now Jamie, not some bratty snot-nose kid, and your self-determination and parental upbringing shows & will continue to grow.

Just study diligently this Senior year and you'll be well prepared to enter college. Keep that doing your best attitude at college and you'll achieve all your dreams. A degree will open many door opportunities and however your career unfolds, it should bring you pleasure & success. As one retired now, I look back on my career and see many good memories. Some day, I'm sure, you'll see the same.

It sure would be embarrassing, at 17, to tell Kirstie or Ollie or any peer that you were grounded. By 17, you should have enough self-discipline traits that dad/mom wouldn't need to think of that option. You would have to do something really dumb acting, like racing that family car at 100 mph to impress friends to provoke dad to haul down your shorts to whip your 17 y/o $%!@. You obviously won't do something like that, but if you did, I imagine you would tell dad, before he ever told you, you deserve a whipping for being that stupid at 17. Whatever Kirstie had planned for your weekend, I hope it was great. Have a good school year & stay in touch when you have time.


Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2019-08-14 18:05:50

It is a wonderful time & moment of achievement Radley, so soak it in and enjoy. The last year of high school now and then the adventure as a young adult into a career world that will hopefully be fruitful for you. That leaving home is part of the maturing process and from all you've said in the past, you are not losing or leaving parents, but having good parents, they will always still be there for you and you'll learn even more relating on an adult basis. I did it with my parents and you'll do it too.

Social life for you and Chip will continue to advance too and you'll be exploring new adventures as an adult. Your social life with Lucy is part of the training ground to likely someday be that husband and dad. It might seem scary at times, but I sense you have that maturing foundation to succeed. Dad is a valuable resource and someday you will likely have that son who wants to model you. At that moment, all those good memories with your dad will re-surface and you'll know even better what a model in life he was for you. No dad enjoys whipping his son, but a good dad sometimes needs to do just that to keep his son(s) on straight path. There are alternatives to using a belt & maybe current & future will shy away from CP, but realize always that when dad resorted to the belt, he did it because he cares about you & Chip. Look how you guys survived it...rubbed your young butts when it happened; maybe glanced in the mirror to see red marks and then pulled up your pants & moved on maybe a bit sore but better boys for it.

Traveling is exciting and I'm sure your future will be filled with wonderful places to see. My wife & I just returned from our trip. Visited family. Renewed old times with friends, some dating back to my youth days. Always good however to just get back home too. Maybe just a sign of my aging. Being with wife or family is what is now most enjoyed & important...the site I most want to have & see.

Yes, there was a no nonsense discipline at both school & home...a sign of our times. It was expected because it was common enough for all guys and we shared our moments with close friends when one or more of us got a tanned hide. It didn't have often for me as you suggest. I was an overall good boy. Probably the same with you & Chip. It was a moment of experience at age 13 when my principal told my buddy & I we had earned a paddling on the seat of our school jeans. Never before for me at school, but all guys have "first times" I guess so I did as I was told...took out my wallet & bent over his desk and he paddle spanked my teen rear-end. I survived OK and so did my friend. You & Chip would too had your school been allowed to slipper, cane, paddle or strap your backsides. No doubt from things you previously said, you & Chip knew the meaning of lowering your trousers & undershorts to get it on your bottom, so school was not really much different for us other than it was school & not dad whacking our rear and grateful the VP didn't tell us both to lower our jeans first rather than just take out our billfold for his paddling. No doubt you & Chip likely have a spanking from your dad that you'll likely not forget...probably all guys recall such a moment. You both may have even done mischief at school and then had to anticipate for a few hours facing dad when you got home knowing you'd likely get it from him. Times change & maybe for the better and maybe spanking is old fashion, but in its day it worked.

Always great hearing from you too. Start off and have a good new school year and when time permits, stay in touch.


Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2019-07-28 11:09:49

Radley...great to hear from you again. You caught me on the brink of leaving on a late summer family vacation. I'll read and respond when I return. Hope your summer break has been a good one.