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Posted in Kelly Clarkson Booty on 2004-05-24 23:25:15

I don't care about how much people like Kelly Clarkson or her booty. I would out wrestle her any day. I would give Kelly Clarkson headscissors,bearhugs,airplane spins, and then I'd give Kelly a Stink-Face to finish her off.

Posted in Are you stronger than a woman??? on 2003-08-07 13:25:04

Oh trust me if a girl gets a guy in a headscissor say goodnight

Posted in ballbusting on 2003-08-07 12:51:56

I was at a pool party last week and I saw this girl that I used to be friends with. And she came up to me and said I bet I could kick your butt right now. So I said ok fine bring it. So we both locked up and I got her in a headlock but she said look up and then she grabbed my balls and squeezed. Then I fell on the floor and she sat on my face and said ha ha you loose. SO I gotup and she kneed me right where it counts. Then when I was down she grabbed my balls and said don't mess with me hun. And then she ran and told her friends that she beat me.

Posted in ballbusting on 2003-08-02 17:57:15

Hey again I just wanted to say your really cool and seem pretty tough. I know for a fact you could beat me in a wrestling match. It would be soo funny if you sat on me and laughed lol. But if you got me in a headscissor i would tap out soo fast i wouldn't be able to take it. If we had a match I'd even wear a speedo so you could grab my balls and squeeze or even knee me in the balls or sit on me and punch me in the balls. Oh and another question if we were friends and we were on the beach and I gave you a million dollars would you wear a bikini and put me on your shoulders and spin around like a helicopter cause i'm only 120 pounds. thanks for reading

Posted in Wrestling your brother on 2003-07-31 12:29:15

My brother is shorter and younger than me but he finds a way to knee me in the balls and step on them and i'm out