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Posted in MALE RAPE! on 2003-07-07 06:25:05

Tell that to the next battered woman you see. That there's no possible way her husband could have beaten her, shoved her down stairs, thrown acid on her. See what she says.

========== In Reply To ========== I know that several of my sisters do not have much smarts. But there is really no way that a girl can be abused by a man. All she had to do is play coy, slowly, very slowly go down and touch his balls, then squeeze. That is the best advantage that us gals have over men, I know we live longer, but we have no balls....That is life, my male friends, and yyour job is nnnnow to protect them balls.......

Posted in MALE RAPE! on 2003-07-07 06:22:19

Have you ever seen a female weightlifter? I know one at school; she can lift well over 200 lbs and is quite large herself. It's highly unlikely that a guy who doesn't wrestle or lift weight would be able to fight her off if she attacked him. In addition, no intelligent person would have unprotected sex with someone without being tested for diseases first. Not having sex one night seems like a much better option than an STD. I feel very sorry for you if you're so desperate for sex that you'll screw anything. And perhaps your views on rape would change if someone you care about was attacked and raped. ========== In Reply To ========== lol, how are women raping you? are you 2 feet tall and 2 pounds? And why you dont want them $%!@ing you is beyond me. most guys have to buy girls dinner and do all this other romantic nonsense just to get her in the sack. people pay good money for sex, so why are you complaining when your getting it for free? but if you just hate sex so much and your too slow and weak to protect your balls, then wear a jock strap and go beat her $%!@ down. hahaha

Posted in Same-sex prom dates on 2003-07-07 05:36:37

Good job for going and fighting back!

========== In Reply To ========== I was the first person ever to ask another boy to the homecoming prom, and he said yes. We both showed up together in tuxedos and walked in the door holding hands to cries of "faggots" and "get those perverts out of here". After a while, things calmed down and other students were actually walking up to us and congratulating us for being so brave. A group of about ten people kept harrassing us, though. Eventually, one of the parent escorts called the principal. We were out on the dance floor, slow dancing and having a great time, when he arrived, grabbed us both by the collars and escorted us to the door. He told us to leave and report to his office that Monday morning first thing. We showed up Monday morning with both sets of parents. My parents read him the riot act and threatened to sue him and the school district unless an immediate apology was issued to us and our parents and a retraction was published in the school newspaper. He apologized, but wouldn't put the retraction in the school paper and wouldn't let the school paper do an article about what happened. Instead, he offered to refund our tickets, pay for our meal and tux rentals and allow us to attend the next dance together. We were always harrassed, but more people defended us then harrassed us.

Posted in Perfect Body For A Woman(Men Only) on 2003-06-27 03:52:07

Average isn't really an accurate description either because statistically the "average" person is overweight.

========== In Reply To ========== You can be skinny or overweight and still normal. You should use "average" or some other word, because to say that skinny, petite, and overweight people are not normal is wrong.

Posted in Nerd Factor (for women only) on 2003-06-27 03:50:28

I love nerdy guys, they're usually the nicest and most caring. I'm looking for one now and having a surprisingly hard time finding one