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Posted in Are you diaper punished? on 2020-04-02 16:41:21

I was diaper punished when I was 12. I was never potty trained (there's a long story behind that) but when I was about 9 I started taking care of my own pullups. Then my parents got fed up of having an almost teenage daughter who always wet and pooped herself so they tried to embarrass me into using the toilet. I was put back in pampers and wasn't allowed to change myself or ask to be changed. I always had to wait for my parents to check me, and they always waited ages. At home I was only allowed to wear my nappy and when we were out I had to wear short skirts for easier checking and changing. It only lasted a couple of weeks before my parents couldn't be bothered anymore (one of the reasons I'm not potty trained is that it was too much effort!). So, even though I'm 20 now, I'm still in pullups full time. Penelope, if you want some advice on getting through this, email me bl1999xxx@gmail.com

I'm 20 and I'm stuck in diapers (nappies) all the time. My parents didn't try to potty train me until I was almost 4, and by then I didn't want to use the potty and they were too busy to have that fight and it just got away from them. I love my diapers though (although school was sometimes hard) and don't care that I'm almost entirely incontinent. Would love to talk to other girls who are still in diapers - I've been through it all. bl1999xxx@gmail.com