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Posted in Veiling on 2003-07-28 00:30:57

My wife (and daughters) must comply to the strictest rules.

I have 2 daughters an two sons, so every daughter has a son to serve

They my not watch tv, telephone

They are allowed the radio for 1 hour a week(i listen to to know what they hear and to put it out if they listen to something i dislike.)

They may read only one book: The Holy Koran

Further i allow them to internet: half an hour per two weeks. I have software to blok certain sites, to control internet time and to log the sites they visit. After they have used internet i read the log.

They are not allowed to leave the house. (only when extremely needed).

They must cover completely, head, eyes and hands. They wear the burqa.

We believe that the female voice is awrah, so they must wear a harness gag to enforce this. They wear it all day.

Also to keep them chaste they could be circumcised, but we choose a chastity belt instead.

Kneeling: This is none whenever a male family members enters a room they are in or the enter a room when a male family member is in.

Day scheme:

7:00 females wake up 7:10 head harnesses are placed kneeling 7:15 females dress up 7:20:females use toilet 7:25 breakfast is prepared 7:45 males use breakfast while females wait kneeling 8:00 gags are removed for eating 8:05 females eat the rests 8:10 gags are replaced 8:15 food for males is prepared 8:30 males leave home for work/school 8:30 females start daily chores

16:00 male dinner is prepared 17:00 males come home 17:05 male dinner, females await kneeling 17:45 females eat dinner rests 18:00 females serve males by kneeling at their seats

19:00 toilet time 22:00 gags removed 22:05 bedtime

Pray times are not included in this scheme

Breaking the rules causes punishment:

Spanking Kneeling Cornertime Writing parts of Holy Koran

Posted in Veiling on 2003-07-28 00:05:57