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Posted in Islam daughter on 2004-06-12 22:37:59

We started to get our daughter used to veil her face when she turned 7. Sometimes she had to veil her face, but not all the times. When she turned 11 she had to veil completely. Now she is 12.

In our community this is quite a normale practice. Most (if not all) females veil completely.

Posted in Strict dresscode on 2003-12-07 21:04:12


Since we ar Islamic, our daughter has a Islam dresscode. We raise her in purdah. This means she must always cover her face. She waers niqab or burqa. She must also wear gloves.

She now is 14 and has been wearing this for 4 years. We are also having awrah of the female speech. That is she may not speak outside, never! In order to keep her quiet she must wear a gag, when outside. Inside it's only used as punishment.

Posted in Chastity belts on 2003-10-24 00:34:34

Abput 10 years ago i decided that my wife should wear a chastity belt. I ordered one and put it on her.

I only allow her to remove it for toilet use and her weakly cleaning.

She must wear it to make sure she won't have sex with someone else than me.

For punishment reasons I can fit it with a $%!@-plug. Also an electro-shock vaginal plug can be attached.


Posted in Do you make your children say "ma'am" and "sir"? on 2003-10-24 00:26:22

We make our daughters call us Sir and Ma'am. Calling us else (lack of respect) will result in spanking + cornertime.

They must call al people, that are older than them Sir / Ma'am.


========== In Reply To ========== My parents make me call them Sir / Ma'am. If i call them else i will be spanked (+ cornertime) for lack of respect.

Posted in Do your kids call you Sir on 2003-09-20 12:59:17

My daughters must call me Sir. If they don't call me Sir they get severely spanked for it.

I feel that calling their father Sir shows their respect to me.