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Posted in upskirts on 2020-10-06 00:34:42

Exact opposite situation for me! I was the hot girl and a boy ran up behind me and flipped my skirt so everyone could see my black panties. Only I caught up to him and grabbed him by the shirt and dragged him down, ripping it in the process. I ripped it all the way off and took his pants off too, so he was just cowering on the ground in his tighty whities LOL! Then I pinned him down and beat him up and eventually a teacher caught us. I had to go to the principal's but he got suspended so I guess I won ;)

Posted in Schoolgirl domatrix on 2020-04-19 09:17:37

I dominated guys at school all the time. One time I walked into the boy's locker room while they were changing, grabbed a guy who had been annoying me, dragged him into the girl's room and stripped him to his tighty whities! And then I carried him through the halls for everyone to see. It probably wasn't called for, but statistically, guys hurt girls more often, so I like to think I'm promoting equality ;)

Posted in who is stronger? boys or girls on 2020-04-19 09:12:31

Well at least in my experience, it's girls all the way!

When I was a kid, we had a "fight club" of sorts at recess where the girls would stand on one side, the boys on another, and one boy and one girl would wrestle each other. Unsurprisingly, it was shut down by the teachers pretty quickly, but then we just started doing it after school in our backyards.

The funny thing is, I've never actually seen a girl lose! I don't know if the boys were going easy on us, or if they were all just big sissies! Being boys, they kept trying, since they didn't want to give up or be seen as cowards. But for us girls, it became less about proving ourselves and more about finding fun new ways to torment them.

Instead of just pinning the boys, we would do things like sit on them, tickle them, tie them up, or pick them up and carry them if we could. In one of my fights, I had the boy knocked down and was dragging him across the ground by his legs, when I accidentally pulled his pants down! He tried to put them back on, but I was having too much fun, so I yanked them off, then ripped his shirt off, leaving him in his underwear! Another girl tied him to a tree so he couldn't escape, and from then on, stripping became a punishment of choice. One time we had like ten boys show up, and all of them left in nothing but their tighty whities!

The funny thing was that no matter what we did, they kept coming back for more. Maybe it's because they wanted revenge, or maybe they secretly enjoyed it, but it definitely seemed like they would pressure each other to come fight with us and not be sissies. It was very ironic considering how they all turned out to be sissies when we were done with them!

By middle school, most of the girls had outgrown this sadistic phase, but not me! We didn't have our fight clubs anymore, but I still had a reputation for teaching boys a lesson when I needed to (usually at the cost of their clothes!)

Posted in Skirt Flippings - How Should Boys Be Punished? on 2020-03-30 08:37:04

I mean, one time a boy flipped my skirt and showed everyone my black panties. So I just turned around and punched him in the jaw so hard he fell down. Then I got on top of him and started stripping him until he was in just his tighty whities. Then for good measure I kept hitting him and eventually put him into a chokehold until a teacher had to come break us up. He was suspended for a week, I just got off with a warning!

Honestly, I can't think of a better punishment.