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Posted in All about you!! on 2003-06-05 11:56:38

Yes, I like you and we haven't met. Are u a boy or a girl? How old are u? And what do U look like?

Posted in New York Sports Fan or Fanatic? on 2003-06-03 00:37:13
  1. All New York teams suck.

  2. Hockey is not a sport.

  3. Why not do something useful with your life instead of watching or playing sports? You could:

Teach someone to read. Read a book to a sick child. Fix up an invalid's home. Mow the lawn for someone who can't. Plant flowers at a public place. Visit people in nursing homes. Aid the homeless and hungry. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, hospital or school.

Posted in GUYS: 10-16 Body Hair on 2003-06-02 22:33:48

I'm only ten and I have so much $%!@ing hair I'm often mistaken for a schnauzer. I have thick, lush dark hair on my arms, legs, pits, pubic area and $%!@. I have a light coating of hair on my chest and $%!@. My pubic hair is so thick I need a rake to find my wee-wee.

Heavy hair growth runs in my family. You should see my aunt Harriet! She has a mustache that would put any man to shame. She retired from the roller derby in 1962. She said when she dies I could have her mustache wax if there was any left over. I may wait until she buys a new jar and arrange for her to have a little "accident". He he he.

Posted in Screwed by a CPA? on 2003-06-02 22:21:30

I worked for a CPA for a while, and saw a great deal of unethical behavior. One time I was told to bill a client $300 for a simple tax return that took me 15 minutes to prepare. I have seen CPA's create some elaborate spreadsheets to "minimize the client's tax liability", but any tax benefit was eaten up by the high cost of doing the work.

CPA's, you passed a test. Big deal. Come back down to earth.

Posted in MLS Expansion on 2003-05-31 01:16:39

Isn't MLS a disease?