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Posted in nude in front of a girl on 2003-09-21 11:48:08

Now you see the real me. Wanna come in & join me?

Posted in **For Men Only*** on 2003-09-20 11:41:45

Some men like looking at other guys too.

Posted in Boys in tights on 2003-09-20 11:39:38

I wear tights all the time in the winter. They make better insulators than thermal underware. No weight to them at all, very cumfortable, keeps very dry. The best part is, I don't need to get dressed until I'm ready to go out, they make the best lounge wear around the house.

Posted in public washrooms on 2003-08-30 11:53:57

========== In Reply To ========== Just the other night at the Buffalo Bills/Detroit Lions ball game. I walked into the mens room to see two little girls standing by one of the stalls. They appeared to be about 9 & 11 years old. They paid no attention to the guys coming in & the door to the stall was unlocked & Daddy kept checking on them. Three walls in the room are nothing but $%!@ troughs. No modesty panels or anything like that. Of all the men & boys that came in to $%!@, only one went to a stall to $%!@, the rest just passed on by them & did their thing, NO BIG DEAL.

Posted in public washrooms on 2003-08-30 11:45:48

========== In Reply To ========== Little girls in a mens restroom, it happens more than you think.

Have you ever gone to the YMCA, the're family type now. A lot of dads bring their girls into the locker room with them instead of leaving them on their own.
Just think about it, you leave a 7 year old in the ladies locker room, go into yours, come out to wait for your girl to come back out, not knowing if she was grabed & taken away or she's just poking around & you can't go in to check it out.
Trust me, I'd rather have her by my side.