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The new generation is Swimming in clothes and eating Tide pods... the earth is doomed..

Posted in Tell me about yourself, the real you. on 2018-09-04 02:02:36

What is your favorite food or meal? Not desserts Q33 pizza i can't stop eating salt and vinegar potato chips until i'm sick and they are all gone or both. for meal, i like chicken. pizza or lobster pizza This is not a poll. pasta pizza garbage pizza. That pizza with everything on it. i love fast food such as mcdonalds. but my favourite food would be pizza Hamburger Italian pancakes "Seafood, roasted meat and vegetables with tasty sauces, some spicy (Mexican, Oriental)." Steak Burgers Chili dogs, pizza, caesar salad My food. It's my favorite because it's mine. I would not like your food because that is not my food. But if I took it, it would then be my food and therefore become my favorite Meatballs in spaghetti sauce Mexican I love a good small steak. I don't eat much. i also almost never eat more than once a day ( Lunch ) unless I have an evening date. Bacon dd I don't have a favorite food, I'm not picky like many of my friends. Hamburgers, if they are juicy and messy (Dry ones are disgusting)

Posted in Tell me about yourself, the real you. on 2018-09-04 02:00:02

Now what is your favorite dessert Q34 ice cream chocolate, doesn't matter what it is, like cake or cookies or pie soft serve ice cream :) This is not a poll. pie key lime pie Chocolate ice cream with M&Ms on it and chocolate syrup squirted all over and whip cream all over that. i like lazy cakes , but cake in general Jello strawberry shortcake strawberries Mixed fruit soaked in sherry with ice cream Ice cream Strawberry shortcake creme brulee My mom's homemade apple pie. Damn, that's good! Cheesecake flan Cherry pie. Chocolate pudding ee Same as before I don't have a favorite :P advocaat

Posted in Tell me about yourself, the real you. on 2018-09-04 01:40:50

do you dream when asleep? Do you have reruns or new ones? And do you remember them, Q35 i dream of me belly dancing and routines sometimes but usually don't remember what i dreamt unless it was good i do have dreams and some that are recurring dreams, and i remember my dreams usually. yes, both, and yes sometimes dream, dont think i had any reruns. remember them sometimes This is not a poll. yes-yes-no sometimes, always new ones, i only remember a litle bit of some of them ya I dream all night and have lots of different dreams. I remember some of them and ya sometimes I have the same dreams over and over. i rarely ever dream. Yes. Lots of reruns I dream all the time, both, once in awhile yes, new, sometimes Yes--quite varied, some I remember. Some are pleasant, some are not. I enjoy those that are erotic. Yes Yep Sometimes, all new, sometimes Yes. Almost always new ones, rarely a repeat. And I used to remember nearly all of them, but now I almost always forget what they were by the time I wake up Yes. Sometimes crazy sometimes,depends sometimes they are simmilar to a different one, i think i usually do Sometimes New ones. Most of them are having sex with a guy. Yes, new ones generally, and sometimes depending on the dream itself. ff I don't have many dreams and I don't remember them well when I do have them. Yes I dream sometimes. Sometimes reruns. A few times, I remember. More often, I remember the feelings from during the dream, not the details.

Posted in Tell me about yourself, the real you. on 2018-09-04 01:29:59

Underwear, bras, panties etc describe them the ones worn out and about? Q24 thong, bra if not wearing bikini top no bra unless im jogging then a sports bra. bikini style panties usually. I have never owned underwear white bikini pantys. white or beige bra. not that i need a big one lol This is not a poll. usually no underwear - bikini panties when i do. sometime a bra - i'm pretty flat chested white briefs. I wear them no matter where I am I like briefs. I know stupid huh? I just don't like boxers. they crawl up my crack. My brother wears boxers. If I can I don't wear undies. I like the feel better not wearing them. but when I wear undies it is briefs. I got them in lots of colors. i wear boxers mostly . sometimes boxer briefs. Blue or black tiger briefs "sports bra, Hiphuggers,

at night , push up bra or none same with panties " lacey briefs, sometimes thong--when with friends "commando" no underwear I wear mostly under Armour boxer jocks. Like them Under Armour boxer jocks regular bra and panties, not thongs. Variety of colors None of the above, and nothing below either Under Armour boxer jock always youth size large i've been wearing briefs to school caz we change for PE but i've been going commando alot lately--it started in the summer caz a friends house has a pool and your shorts dry like 100's of times faster if there is only one layer Me or my room mate don't have underwear, bras, panties, socks or elc. we go bare do to a budget cut. Now that we got used to it we don't plan on ever getting any. we also save by wearing only wearing 1 top at a time. I have worn panties out and about in the past. I normally wear boxer briefs u plain colours, black, gray, things like that. No patterns. Briefs or trunks. Bright colours are best. No boring black