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Posted in Embarrasing moments at school - guys only on 2003-10-09 06:15:09

This one day i had some really baggy pants. I had forgotten my belt that day, after getting up early. So I was walking around trying to hold up my pants, when all of a sudden a girl comes up behind and just yanks down my pants. Thankfully my boxers stayed up. But still everyone laughed at me.

Posted in Skinny dipping on 2003-10-04 16:44:53

One time i was hanging with 3 of my friends. They were all guys. We were all at my house. and I have a pool. We were all sitting outside and it was hot. So we decided to go for a swim. I was only one with a swimsuit. They wouldnt let me wear the swimsuit since they had to swim in their boxers. So I swam in my boxers too. After a while of swimming my friend took off his boxers and threw them outside the pool. Not long till we were all naked. I love to skinny dip because you feel so free.

Posted in Share your Shirt? on 2003-06-21 05:16:15

Ive had a few experiences...

  1. I was at a restaurant with my male friend one time and he was really cold so i took off my overshirt and let him wear it so i was sitting there in an undershirt.

  2. Another time i was at the park with my male friend. We were playing basketball for a while then we went around to the pond and my friend fell in. He was soaking wet. So i let him borrow my overshirt and my pants. So I played basketball in my undershirt and boxers.

Thats all thats happened to me.

Posted in School changing rooms on 2003-05-08 04:32:49

One day we were all in the gym and I was doing chin ups. While I was doing chin ups my friend came up behind me and pulled my gym shorts down and took them off. The teacher wasnt in the room. So they were all playing keep away with my shorts! Thankfully that day i was wearing boxers! But it was really emabarassing!