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Posted in Creationism VS. Evolutionism on 2004-02-10 22:10:49

Riddle me this: How do those who believe in evolution explain the Second Law of Thermodynamics? It states very simply that the universe is moving from a state of order to disorder. Energy is being spread out and reduced to lower-level forms. This is directly at odds with the theory of macro-evolution.

Posted in Is Television Wrong on 2004-02-09 23:06:54

Yeah there is some real crap on TV and it’s hard to steer clear of it, but it’s not all bad. Trading Spaces for example…got to love that show. Well at least I like it. As Christians we just have to be responsible for what we watch. The programming is so bad because that’s what the majority of people want. If we simply don’t watch them, they won’t produce it. Not like it’s going to happen overnight or anything. It’s the same as going to the movies. Every time we pay for something it’s like we’re casting out vote for more of it. Before going to see a movie I try to always make sure I know what I’m going to see.

Posted in Is Television Wrong on 2004-02-09 23:06:12

I’m sorry. I'm just a little confused. It’s bad to watch the news? Where do you get the weather forcast from??? What about the internet since you obviously have access to that. This is just my opinion, but I feel the content available on the internet is far worse than on the television. Also what’s so wrong with cars? How am I supposed to get home from college when I live in another state? I guess I just don’t know where you’re coming from is all.

Also, it’s not like you can’t do other things at the same time as watching TV: cleaning, exercising, reading, knitting, cooking...etc. Yes, our society is getting lazier, but I believe that’s the parent’s fault. They should teach their kids not to watch too much TV…it’s not the TV’s fault.

========== In Reply To ========== television is wrong for many resons. it causes sloth, envy, greed, lust, pride, wrath, and gluttony.

if you have read the book 1984, you can see what other evil things can be done with t.v.... people come to depend on it, and they look to it for information they should be reading, whether it be in a book or the newspaper.

people in america have fallen far out of touch with the rest of the world, and while others work for peace, we continue to worship false idols like oil and television.

we must rise against this boring mental babysitter. the time has come to entertain ourselves. that is NOT the job of the government, anyway!

boycott television and driving cars! for the sake of the children!

Posted in Where do bad foks go when they die? on 2004-02-09 21:50:48

Might want to rethink the question as well as the answers because we are all 'bad folk' now arn't we. As for the answers, might want to put some more options us. For example I believe when a person dies, their soul simply 'goes to sleep' until Jesus decides it's time to come back and wake them up.

Posted in Does God Exist? on 2004-02-08 21:14:24

What do you mean by FACT? Could you please be specific? A lot of people know there are Facts supporting evolution, but have no idea what they are. If you do know, could you share them with the others? At least they should know why they believe what they believe. Otherwise, couldn’t scientists say anything they want? All they have to do is write a report that no one will read and …yup that’s enough evidence for the public. I just feel that the majority of society has no idea what this evidence is. It honestly not all that convincing if you ask me. The principle of science is that it can’t prove anything. It can only disprove things.

Yes, I believe things evolve. That is totally different than believing that we evolved from the same ancestor as another species. ========== In Reply To ========== I was having a conversation with someone the other day and he said many things. Him being Mormon and me being Agnostic. I brought up evolution and he belived that evolution does not exist. I pointed out that there are many FACTS that support the theory of evolution and very little facts that support creationism and yet he refused to listen. What is it about people that when you question their religion or bring up different beliefs, they get so defensive of their own religion? There is no right religion.