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Posted in nudity in movies on 2004-05-15 03:13:47

Nudity in movies is fine, however, there are many times when a perfectly fine movie throws in sex/nudity to change it, and it ends up making the story wierd and not interesting. However, when it is appropriate and interesting, I'm all for it!

Posted in The Best of Alfred Hitchcock on 2004-05-15 03:05:57

i had never really thought about which one I thought was the best. It is very hard to say, depending on if you want scariness, horror, mystery, psycotic episodes, etc. I voted for rear window as my favorite, but the lady vanishes is right up there. Good poll.

Posted in Nashville Star Vs American idol on 2004-05-15 03:01:24

your forgot Lance in your list!! Ok, maybe you did it on purpose,but I wanted to add I voted for him and brad all the way through.

Posted in What do men like in women? on 2004-05-15 02:59:46

Thanks for the comment! : ) It is insightful.

========== In Reply To ========== Two points: generally personality becomes more important as you get older, although if you are very superficial when you are young you may well carry it with you. But then do you want a guy who isn't interested in what you have to say anyway? Thought not.

However, if you don't find someone remotely attractive then you can't go out with them. This isn't about image or whatever as it is at a younger age, simply about finding someone you are attracted to.

I might be being presumptuous but I sense your poll is very much to allay your(or someone you know's) anxiety about this. Maybe you feel like the guys you know are more interested in looks than anything else...there's plenty of good guys out there who don't have it top of their list.

Posted in What do men like in women? on 2004-05-15 02:58:46

Thanks for the comment. I do know what you ae feeling, as I was in a similar relationship once. However, it did not go as far as marriage. That is part of the reason I wrote this poll. I hope things go better in your marriage, and that you reaolve your problems. Good luck! : )

========== In Reply To ========== In reply to your poll I am married and 25. I got married when I was 17. I do think I made a mistake. It was not about looks. It was about sex. It still is. That is where the trouble starts. She is not a sexual person. She was a real animal in the beginning, but of course that changed. To make a long story short. The important things in my oppinion are sexual drive and compatability. Looks are the least of my concerns. It takes a bad marriage or relationship to come to this conclusion.

Joe James