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Posted in Girls teasing guys on 2005-11-25 21:17:25

My girlfriend got me good again. She had already teased me into wearing her panties and then hid my underwear so I had to keep wearing them. This time I was at her house before a date and we began kissing. Then she stripped off my clothes and put a pair of panties on me. This time it was a pink satin g-string. The panties excited me immediately. Then she told me to lie on the couch and put my hands behind my head and close my eyes. When I did that she started talking dirty. She told me she was taking off her clothes and that she had on a black bra and panties. I could feel the panties getting tighter from the excitement. I began to move my hand to adjust them but she stopped me. Then I felt something slipping up my legs. I asked her what she was doing and she told me she was putting garters on me. She pulled the garters up each leg and then pulled the belt up and hooked I up. This excited me even more. Then she kept talking about her sexy underwear and started running her hands over me. She started with my legs and up to my crotch. She rubbed the satin panties slowly. I was so excited and asked if I could look and she said no. Then she kissed me slowly and said we were done. I opened my eyes and said that was it. She said yes and that I should get dressed for our date. Like before I had to keep the panties on. I began to take the garters off but she stopped me. So I had to keep the panties and garters on all night. Several times that night while we were out she asked how the lingerie felt. I told her it felt sexy. She smiled and said good.

Posted in Girls teasing guys on 2005-09-09 19:32:50

My girlfriend teased me into wearing her panties. She invited me over and right from the start I got excited. She was wearing a tight spaghetti strap tank top and a pair of tight short shorts.

We started making out and she unzipped my pants and slid them down revealing my white briefs. Then she took me to her dresser and opened her underwear drawer. She told me to pick out a pair of panties I liked. Thinking they would look sexy on her I picked out a pair of black satin bikini panties and handed them to her.

She handed the panties back to me and told me to put them on. I was shocked at first and said no way. Then she started kissing me and took my hands and slid them over her legs. After that I couldn’t say no again. So I took off my briefs and put the panties on. They felt funny at first but after that they felt comfortable. The satin and lace even made me feel sexy.

She said I looked hot in the panties and she stripped off her shirt and shorts and took off my shirt. She was wearing white cotton bikini panties with cherries on then with a matching bra.

We made out until I had to leave for something. I started picking up my clothes to get dressed but I couldn’t find my underwear. I asked my girlfriend where my underwear was and she told me I was wearing my underwear meaning the panties. I kept looking and told her to give my underwear but she wouldn’t. She ran her finger around the waistband of the panties and said I had my underwear on. So I put on my clothes and left. I still haven’t got that pair of underwear back. Now when I go to my girlfriends house I wear the panties over and sometimes trade for another pair.