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User: Jean Panty


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Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2019-04-02 01:41:51

Guys and girls thoughts on panties:


Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2019-02-18 01:29:45

My girl likes to tease my $%!@ and balls while I'm wearing underwear. But not just any underwear HER underwear. She teases me through silky or lacy panties. She likes to put her panties on me and have me stand against a wall with my legs spread apart like I'm under arrest. Then she reaches around and teases me. Several times she'll bring me to the point of climax before letting off. Her other favorite is to tease me while we're watching tv together on the couch. She loves making me squirm with arousal and having my $%!@ trapped in silk and lace. I've grown to love it too

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2019-01-28 19:59:42

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Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2018-11-15 22:01:13

It started a few weeks ago when I went over to my girlfriends house. Right away I got excited because she was wearing a tight spaghetti strap tank top and a pair of skimpy shorts. We began to kiss and make out and made our way to her bedroom. Then she went to her dresser and pulled out a pair of her panties. They were pink silk panties with flowers printed on them and had lacy leg and waist bands She asked if I liked the panties. I imagined her wearing the panties and got excited so I said yes. She then handed me the panties and asked if I liked how they felt. The silk was really soft, so again I said yes. Then she gave me a wicked smile and said, Im glad you like them because they'll look really good on you! I was shocked and said, You want me to wear girls underwear?! It will be really hot she said. I tried to resist but she gave me a kiss and her puppy dog eyes and I couldnt say no again. So I took off my clothes and underwear (white briefs) and put on her panties. It felt strange at first but then I realized they were really comfortable and made me feel sexy. My girl then gasped, Oh my god you are so sexy in those and started to kiss me. We continued to make out until we had to leave. I began to collect my clothes but I couldnt find my underwear. I asked her where my underwear was and she said, Ill find your undies later. Until then you can keep those panties you have on got on. With that I put on my clothes and we left. I still havent gotten that pair of underwear back. Now I wear panties whenever I got to see my girlfriend and sometimes trade for another pair.

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2018-10-15 11:35:00