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User: loving father and husband



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when a boy addresses a girl who is younger than him he must keep hands at side. its disrespetful of him to not let her see his $%!@.

Posted in boys clothing limits/summer on 2021-01-12 23:49:02

as a mother i would say for a boy fully nude at all times. no flip flops. not allowed to cover his $%!@ at anytime w no exceptions. when the boy is walking hands are kept behind his back at all times. our son remains nude during the entire vacation. he has to take a mile walk every morning on the beach w me w him naked. other ppl do see him walk naked w me by him clothed.

Posted in Should wives obey their husbands? on 2020-10-18 20:45:00

i have dinner w my mother and father in law once a week at a minimum. i attend dinner as the only who fully nude. after dinner my father in law spanks me to tears. your father in law should spank you at least once a week and use hard swats that bring you to tears. you need to be spanked as soon as possible by your father in law. and to tears w very hard swats. your husband and mother in law watching.

Posted in spanking teens on 2020-10-08 02:06:40

our boys are 12 and 14. we only spank our boys. my wife always is who spanks the boys. our son who is 12 is only spanked for severe punishments. the oldest is spanked once a week no matter what. this is called his maintenance spanking and its quite severe for how strict. every thursday night the family comes together in living room. this incudes both our daughters 8 and 10. once everyone is seated my husbands tells our oldest son to strip fully naked. he is standing w hands at sides eyes closed. for the next ten minutes my husband gives a lecture. eyes are kept closed to respect his younger sisters privacy while they can look at his $%!@. the spanking is always hard w tears. if your son is twelve start giving maintenance spankings by his mom. give all to him w him being fully nude. no covering. let the other kids watch too. we also to cornertime for two hours at a time. eyes closed kneeling and facing everyone to give the view of $%!@ and scrotum. this is very effective.

Posted in What boys wear at home on 2020-09-08 01:44:33

our boys remain fully nude whenever possible at home. only parents and girls in our family deserve to wear clothing.