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Posted in Girls with no PE kit on 2021-02-09 02:25:17

It is good achchaa that you can be turning human parts into machinery jii haa.

Posted in barefoot pe outside on 2020-11-03 02:32:54

I kind of agree but find the Enceladus options more desirable. The medical treatments take place beneath the ice in warm water, heated by the radiation from Saturn which is filtered by the ice and rendered safe. I can now take orders for the 2040 mission.

Posted in Girls with no PE kit on 2020-11-03 02:20:27

I totally agree with you Karen. The overwhelming desire of the human to resuscitate the alien in Yakuts was successful and the custodian of the spheres is now overseeing the solar flare reduction system.

Posted in boys in the women's locker room on 2020-03-14 11:41:01

When I was about ten, some boys in my class used to bully other boys, so mum said that, to be on the safe side, I should go with her to get changed for swimming in the school holidays.

My best friend had a sister three years older than us, who I used to see when I went round to their house. The first time I went swimming with mum, my friend and his sister were there too, and after swimming, I saw her in the shower and she was nude! I was amazed. She seemed a bit embarrassed to start but carried on anyway.

For the rest of the summer holidays, I enjoyed going swimming but mainly to see my friend's sister nude! I think she must have gotten used to me because we used to chat in the shower after swim, even though we had no clothes on.

One day, she brought three friends from her class in school with her. I couldn't believe my eyes! They were so nice to me, chatting away in the shower as if it was all normal, even though they were nude.

One of the girls borrowed my soap and somehow managed to get a couple of her pubic hairs on it. I kept them in a match box at the side of the bed for ages, young lads do silly things like that!

Posted in Girls with no PE kit on 2020-02-04 01:16:23

Thanks for the reminder @EdunRevol - I have soccer practice again tomorrow so earlier today I asked Ciara if they needed any help spotting etc and she said that would be useful. I didn't have time to stay and watch last week but as I was on my way through the sports hall I briefly saw them rehearsing and Ciara was nude, and the other girls were all just wearing t shirts and no knickers! They didn't try to cover up in any way and just waved hello.