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Posted in Men working shirtless on 2004-01-23 06:08:09

Thanks for the comments I agree. many of you may wish to look at a few yahoo groups I'm a part of.


A group with an moral/evangelic and supportive slant to it.


A general discussion to shirtlessness.


A more general discussion on clothing attire in general. Oh, and this one's my personal group.

These groups are all family friendly environments. We have members of both sexes and all ages. Please join us and our discussion.
========== In Reply To ========== I always felt more productive and harder working outside when stripped to the waist. One of those "guy" things, in fact. I think a lot of guys felt that way. On that job I had I think the owner would have thought we were goldbricking if we had left our shirts on because it was sweaty work. If I'm working around the house in good weather, the shirt's always off but I take care of myself and not shy about showing it. If I wasn't the shirt would stay on.

Posted in Your personal habits re: going without a shirt on 2003-11-07 05:59:08

========== In Reply To ========== Thanks for answering my poll! I'm trying to discover the differences, if any, between what people say is OK for others to do (as far as going shirtless is concerned), and what they actually do themselves.

I"m sure I've invited you before to this yahoo froup for shirtless guys. It's decent, even with members as young as 12, and material appropriate for all ages.


And just to plug my own group on shorts


So how is the issue going with your wife? Has she let up any? Historically, men have had at least some shirt freedom for the past century. This should be nothing new to your significant other. We're bound to be opinionated, but I just dont see the harm in a guy who is doing nothing unusual that most people wouldn't care about anyway.

Oh, and I couldnt answer you question about boy vs man shirtlessness. As a boy I always wore a shirt, as a man, I rarely do. That option is not on the question.

Posted in Men working shirtless on 2003-09-16 07:26:27

Must be nice. I mow shirtless always too, but I do it for myself. I see many lawncare services that have uniformed shirts. I doubt they would be allowed to work shirtless. Being independant you set your own rules and thats good. Do you have email? I'd love to converse with you on the subject.

========== In Reply To ========== I have a job working in lawncare. The minute it gets warm enough, I leave my house in the morning in shorts and sneakers - nothing else - and stay that way the rest of the day. I dont even bring a shirt with me.

I never get hassled, even when I go in store or fast food place, but I dont ever go in a nice restaurant, not cause I dont have ashirt, but because working outdoors and then going into air conditioning gives me a headache.

Its been like this since I was kid. My brother and I rarely wore much of anything all summer long, jsut used to it now I guess.

Posted in Mormonism: What do you think? on 2003-08-19 01:23:56

I recently participated in a mission trip led by a Morman gentleman. I held no thought or disagreement to what he believed; we learned a lot from ewachother. However, he is a very unique Morman for leading a team, doing a service project to build homes for the impoverished. Most Morman mssionaries are simply Evangelists. Why do very few participate in service or labor intensive mission work? What in Morman theology is against that or doesnt encourage that? I had a positive expereince, but hes had very little support in his efforts, even from his own church. I dont understand that.

Posted in Men working shirtless on 2003-07-16 18:45:23

I have a relaxed attitude towards shirtlessness in general. It would make no difference to me to give business to a store which had shirtless employees. I think many companies are too strict in requiring employees, especially those who work outdoors, to wear shirts and suffer. I have even been to a water park where employees are required to wear a shirt at all times. Clothes hinder movement in the water; they make it more difficult for the sweat to evaporate in a humid climate, and many times employees suffer heat stroke or get sick due to having to wear shirts. That is the kind of business I would avoid giving my business too.