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Posted in Men working shirtless on 2006-09-16 17:33:31

Your post hardly makes sense. Some of the oldest male leaders of the world were fine swimmers and were shirtless for that. Ronald Reagan for example. I do not advocate his politics, just point out that he was often shirtless in his films, he was an avid swimmer and because he was healthy, died at an old age.

NOT excercising, maintaining health, whether shirtless or not, promotes gluttony. That is a health problem and risk you will die sooner in life.

Working shirtless helps one to maintain the best potential for movement and work of the upper body. We have centuries of evidence to prove that. The hard work of people is what has caused advances, not just evolution; brain and brawn are equally a part of the human condition.

I think you could provide a bit more realistic arguements before you claim that shirtless men are less intelligent. You could also learn correctly how to spell that word for starters, as suggested by the post before.

I realize this reply is a year after the origional post, but sound response needs to be given to illogical thinking.


Posted in Shirtlessness (guys only) on 2004-07-27 06:19:10

I'm curious what made you make this pole? Curiousity? Are you trying to go shirtless more yourself?

Posted in Boys & Shorts on 2004-06-03 03:55:50

It would be nice if these shiorts werent so expensive. I can find what I need at most thrift stores and I dont pay an arm and a leg either.

For those interested, please visit my yahoo group:


========== In Reply To ========== I have finally found a company that makes at least one style of the classic short that I grew up wearing. They make swim trunks for men in various lengths, and were featured in Men's Journal magazine.


Posted in Is shirtlessness cool on 2004-05-23 03:55:45

If it offends you so, then why do I continue to see your commentary on shirtless polls? Or do you enjoy thwarting your rude and rather hollow opinion on every shirtless poll you see? ========== In Reply To ========== It is sexist and immodest!

Posted in Men working shirtless on 2004-01-23 06:11:33

the final group I posted, my previous group, here is the proper link:


========== In Reply To ========== Thanks for the comments I agree. many of you may wish to look at a few yahoo groups I'm a part of.


A group with an moral/evangelic and supportive slant to it.


A general discussion to shirtlessness.


A more general discussion on clothing attire in general. Oh, and this one's my personal group.

These groups are all family friendly environments. We have members of both sexes and all ages. Please join us and our discussion.