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Posted in Clapton v.s Page on 2004-05-30 18:43:51

nice poll-i've always wanted to have a comparison such as this. because i believe clapton and page are the two best rock guitar players in history, but who is better than the other is very hard to determine because their styles and music is so different.

Posted in THE GREATEST GUITARIST EVER! on 2004-05-29 17:05:34

========== In Reply To ========== I checked the status of SRV on this poll for 3 days now and off and on it is ahead or even with Ritchie FAGMORE. and then it was ahead by 2 % and then amazingly FAGMORE caught back up in a couple hours...this is a bull$%!@ poll. there isnt that many people that know that $%!@sucker STEVIE RAY RULES

I created this poll, and yes I also noticed the situation you were talking about. But, there is no reason to insult Ritchie Blackmore, who is a wonderful guitar player. And, I don't need you to convince me about SRV either, because I am a huge fan of his guitar playing in songs such as Cold Shot, Pride and Joy, Couldn't Stand the Weather, Crossfire, and many, many other songs.

Posted in Favourite British Rock Group on 2003-11-28 04:39:01

another good british rock band.

Posted in most virtuoso guitar player. on 2003-11-22 05:36:54

although john paul jones of led zep is a really good bassist, you gotta add: geezer butler (black sabbath) steve harris (iron maiden) geddy lee (rush)

Posted in Favourite British Rock Group on 2003-10-15 02:35:45

Good poll, but ya forgot a couple of good British bands, including Black Sabbath.