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Posted in Wetting or messing your pants in public on 2009-06-20 06:38:38

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Posted in Small bladders on 2004-10-02 13:56:37

========== In Reply To ========== I was 13 and in Grade 8 when the following happened:

Once I went into an exam while needing to go to the toilet pretty badly. It was a fairly long exam - about 2 hours.

After about 20 minutes, I asked the teacher whether I could go, and he said no. He said that I could have looked at whoever's exam papers I wanted to on the way out.

By the 1 hour mark, I really couldn't concentrate on my work because of my bladder. The teacher said too bad, and keep going. He said that if I finished my exam he would let me go. I said I hadn't and I wasn't going to sacrifice my whole exam just to go to the toilet.

By about the 1 and a half hour mark, I unzipped myself, stood up and $%!@ed straight on the carpet! People were cacking themselves laughing, and someone else further back in the room stood up and did exactly as I was doing! The teacher was sh!tting himself, trying to get us to sit down again.

To tell the truth, I have a fairly large bladder, and when I pee, I pee for a long time. Even on a standard trip to the toilet, I can take about 45 seconds - 1 minute just to empty myself on average. By this time, I could have gone for minutes, and in fact, I did. As I said about someone else further back in the room decided to do exactly what I was doing, 2 other people decided they should too.

I don't know why, but there was something about $%!@ing in front of a group of about 40 people that made me get an erection. The class was in ecstatics, and I doubt that there was a single person in the room who wasn't laughing. That is, of course, except for the teacher. I was actually rather impressed with my own ability to pee for so long. I went for longer than I ever have before. Probably about 5 minutes. When I had an erection, it was much harder to control where my $%!@ was going, and a lot of it was splashing onto desks, exam papers, and near other people. The other 3 people who were $%!@ing had all finished by now - but I was still going.

When I was finally starting to settle down, my $%!@ was hard and throbbing. I had already caused such a huge disturbance, I thought to myself, "What the hell.", and I began jacking off. After about another minute of laughing, jacking off, and the teacher becoming more and more insane as it was happening, I reached orgasm. To put it simply, I came.

This was when the teacher finally snapped. "GET THE F*CK OUT OF THIS ROOM!" My pants were at knee level, so I took them all the way off, and, still $%!@ing, left the room. "GO TO MR. FISHER'S OFFICE NOW!" Mr. Fisher was our principal.

As a final goodbye, I stepped into the doorway, and sprayed the last of my $%!@ into the room, and hit the teacher's shoe. Then I ran to the Principal's office. Before knocking on the door, I waited for my $%!@ to settle down. Finally I was soft again, and I knocked on the door. Keep in mind that my pants were still in the other room.

Mr Fisher seemed amazed at what happened. When I was telling him the whole of what happened, I got an erection several times. He tried to ignore it, but said that it was very very common for boys of my age to get erections.

Long story short, my parents were contacted, and I was given a 2-hour Saturday Detention. I consider myself lucky to escape with just that. What happened is now a legend in my school.

And for the record, I got an A- in my exam.

awsome stroy what school was it i remember something very similer happening at my old school