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Plantation shutters wholesale


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"Oval Windows, sometimes called eliptical windows, are a nice addition to any homes facade. There is often a need to treat these shaped windows when they end up in a closet area (concern with fading on clothing) or in a bathroom (often in powder baths) as they frequently do. Here is a recent inquiry we received about an oval window, and our response with the customer: Customer Request– Hi there Wood Shutters. I have an oval bathroom window for which I’m looking for shutters the hieght is 30″ and the width is 40-1/2″ I’m not sure if I prefer the fan -like, or horizontal louvre orientation, but would like someone to contact me to see what you guys can do. Our Reply– Thanks for taking the time to contact us. The oval plantation shutters are among the most beautiful we make. There are a couple of things you might bear in mind regarding your preferences. As a woodworker I look first at function. Because of the shape and the way the louvers interact with the shape, a horizontal louvered panel should allow for more overall direct light (or sightline) to the outside. We sculpt the back edges of the louvers so that they will open to 90 degrees. There would be a slight ‘glue-in’ piece (typically not more than 1/2 of one louver width) to act as a light stop top and bottom. That means that with the louvers fully opened, there would be a slight appearance of “flattening” of the oval shape top and bottom. Most of the ovals we see are oriented taller than wider. The horizontal louvers in your case would add a little to your cost because they exceed our recommendation for maximum width. We could however orient the louvers vertically Wooden Moulding. They would either close to the left or the right depending on how you installed it and again should open to 90 degrees. I would opt for either of these if your view to the outside (or maximum natural light coming in) is your goal. Alternately, a fan shape with all louvers radiating out from a center oval hub has a very nice visual appeal from the interior and exterior, but louver operation is more limited. If you look at the window like a clock, the louvers at 12, 3, 6, and 9 would open virtually fully. The louvers at 1:30, 4:30, 7:30, and 10:30 wouldn’t open far at all. All louvers would operate independently of one another within the parameters I mentioned. This is perhaps better if indirect natural light is desired, and/or if your view to the outside world is less than stellar. Again, as a woodworker, I think this option is the most beautiful and reflects the architecture of the window itself in the best way, but isn’t as functional as the horizontal/vertical option. Regardless, I would need a template of the opening to build it. Customer’s Reply– Reading your response, I realized I had the height and width reversed, so ours is taller than wide, which, as you point out, is the norm. Would a tracing of the window frame work for you as a template? goodwood Reponse– You know, the thing I really like about fabricating custom shutters is that even after nearly 19 years with goodwood, I still haven’t seen it all as a lot of architects/designers/window manufacturers/contractors all like to have their own ‘signature’ designs. While I have seen some ovals wider than tall, most are indeed taller than wide…just thought I’d make mention of it because it had the potential to affect pricing. Otherwise, there’s no difference in your cost between the options. A tracing of the opening will work just fine Polyurethane Moulding. Most of our window treatment pros do that on ‘butcher paper’, roll it up and send it over in a mailing tube. Some will make their tracing, transfer it to cardboard and put the cardboard in the window to verify before sending it (the cardboard) to us. It’s okay if the template is taped together and folded. We’ve seen templates made from the Sunday comics even! A comment on the fan louvers. Did you notice the size of the hub (center circle)? At goodwood we keep that in proportion to your opening size so that it complements your window. No short cuts here…… Sure its a bit more work and requires more hand shaping of the louvers Good Wood, but its worth it in the appearance of the finished product." "Exterior Shutters are a small segment of what we do, but occasionally someone will want a plantation style exterior shutter and turn to goodwood for help with their project. There seems to be some confusion about what makes a plantation shutter exterior or interior grade, so here is a brief explanation of what to look for in an exterior shutter. Wood Species– exterior shutters that stand the test of time are made of western red cedar, cypress (pecky or clear), or mahogany. These woods naturally repel water and insects, making them the longest lasting most durable choice. not to mention the beauty of handcrafted mahogany shutters! Fasteners and Glue– Make sure your manufacturer is using exterior grade glue and stainless steel staples (found on moveable louvers). Otherwise, the joints of the shutter will fail and the fasteners will quickly rust. This is especially true if your home is near ocean air, as salt can be very corrosive. Finish: A marine quality finish is recommended. A good finish will protect your purchase, so don’t skimp in this area. Shutters used for exterior projects made by goodwood can be ordered with a marine finish, or raw and you can source the finish work yourself. Even with a great finish, maintenance will be required. Your shutters should have a new protective coat added to them every few years. It varies depending on your climate and their exposure to the elements how often this needs to be done. It is a good idea to look them over ever year for signs of damage.

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"Many people are at a loss with how to do window treatments on doors, especially when a lever handle is involved and it is in a high traffic area. Lets look at some common window treatment solutions for these doors. Our in- home sales division (in OK and KS) has put all these products on doors for customers, so the basis for this blog is our experience. Wood blinds- Many blind manufacturers solution is to do a cut out of the blind slats around the handle, thus preventing the slats hitting the handle when they are opened and closed. The drawbacks of this solution, is that is does not offer as much privacy as many homeowners desire and clearance is still an issue when raising or lowering the blind. Another option is to order a very small slat so that the blind fits behind the handle. This can be a good solution, but small size slats are only offered in certain product lines Cafe Style Shutters, so your options are a bit more limited. Also, if you want the larger slats for other windows in the room, it breaks the flow a bit. Fabric Shade- These would include roman shades of fabric or grass, cellular shades, or any type of woven product. Pro’s are that these are very lightweight, if you like the idea of rasing your blind completely every day,this may work for you. Many times the shade lays very close to the glass, and fits behind the handle with ease. The drawback is that when they are down, they tend to bang around and swing with the open and closing of the door. To prevent that, most companies offer hold down brackets that hold the blind in place at the bottom of the door. If you want the brackets you are left with two options- undoing the bracket every time you want to raise or lower the shade. Or, ordering a shade that operates “top-down”, meaning you can lower it from to top down to the bottom to see out the window. Keep in mind that a top down product will have strings that run through the blind and are visible when the shade is in the open (or lowered) position. goodwood plantation shutters on french doors can be a great option. The shutter is housed in a frame that gives enough projection for the louvers to pivot. (2 1/2″, 3 1/2″ and 4 1/2″, consider 2 1/2 if you have wood blinds on the other windows) The frame wraps around the shutter on four sides so that it can be secured top, sides and bottom. This means no swinging back and forth as the door opens and closes. Inside the frame the plantation shutter mounts on hinges, so you still can access the glass for cleaning and such Bi-fold Shutters. If you have a lever handle, we do what is called a radius cutout around the handle with a solid area behind it. This makes certain that you have complete privacy whether the louvers are open or closed. Something to keep in mind; if your doors are double and one is fixed and the operable door opens back onto the fixed door, applying a window treatment of any kind will affect how far the door will open back. The degree to which it will be affected will vary from one door manufacturer to another, and from one window treatment to another. An experienced window covering salesperson should be able to address any concerns you may have and discuss this on the front end. Many times with shutters Sliding Shutters, we can make a few adjustments to insure the door opens to the greatest degree possible. However, if it is not addressed on the front end, little can be done. Just another reason to allow your window covering sales person plenty of time to identify and address all possible concerns with your custom shutter order!" "goodwood Plantation Shutters are all custom designed and produced. So when you choose to order plantation shutters from goodwood Shutters, you have a variety of shutter layout and design options. Two major areas for discussion are — How do I choose a louver size? And how many shutters should I put in each opening? First, let’s talk about louver size. This depends on a variety of factors, such as the style of your home architecture and design. However, this comes down to personal preference. Part of the beauty of plantation shutters is that you can get such great visibility and light control just by slightly adjusting the louver angle. It stands to reason that the larger the louver, the better the view. Many people are simply amazed at how much visibility you can get with a shutter. In fact, during our in- home consultations we typically bring one sample of each louver size, set it in the window, ask the client to step back and take a look at the different proportions of each louver size and how that impacts the feel of the room. Well, I can’t do that in a blog, but take a look at this picture. Each opening shown is 72″ x 72″; the only thing that changes is the size of the louver. louver-options-open Now to be frank, most people choose 3 1/2″ louvers. However, I can make a case for the larger 4 1/2″ louvers in many homes, and we see more orders all the time with this size. On occasion, as we do add on orders for a homeowner, they will tell me that they wish they had chosen a larger louver size. I have never heard a customer tell me the wish they had chosen smaller. Now for the shutter configuration. The first thing you need to look at is the configuration of the window you are going to shutter. You will get the best look if you try to mimic the window layout. This minimizes the appearance of extra vertical distractions. For instance, say you have 3 or more windows mulled together. You want to try to place the shutters where the vertical members of the shutter line up with the vertical mullions of the windows. This will give you the cleanest, most open view possible and will also provide for a more flattering appearance on the outside of the windows. Let’s go back and look at our typical window again, a 72″ x 72″ (typically two 36″ x 72″ windows mulled together.) Many time clients think they want to have four shutter panels in an opening this size. This is based upon their assumption that they will open the shutters back regularly Wholesale Plantation Shutters. However, with a larger louver size, folding them back is not necessary for great visibility. And the larger the panel you can put in your window, the more unobstructed view you have. Take a look at these drawings showing that same window size, 72″ x 72″. Both drawings show the same louver size, but with 2 versus 4 panels in the opening. panel-distribution By choosing the four panel configuration you lose almost 8″ of your window that you could otherwise see through. Of course, we always make what the customer wants, and if you are confident that you want to open you shutters back everyday, then the four panel configuration is probably the best layout for you. For opening shutters daily, a two shutter panel configuration would not work for most room layouts. Each shutter would have a 36″ swing when it opened. Even a 4 panel layout deserves some thought, as it would come into the room and need 18″ of wall space to fold against. What this all comes back to is the importance of working with someone who is knowledgeable about the process, and can help guide you through the ins and outs of all these design decisions. The sales staff at goodwood makes giving you a great buying experience a priority. We want your shutters to look and function just the way you had imagined, and we take great care in making sure we provide that experience to each and every customer. Feel free to call us with your shutter design dilemmas and we will do everything in our power to find a great solution! "

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After discovering own position exposing, the Yan flies heart in was full of a doubt.He is all the way careful, various trace got rid of to leave, why still drive rice soldier did the troops easily find out to hide a body location?Want to know that Yang Qi is over to know nothing how the way carry on camouflage and cancellation trace, got away from pursuing and arresting of rice the people.Will also having no Yang Qi conceal movements oneself still can not compare with Yang Qi? Flies in the Yan of in the plan Wholesale plantation shutters, even if Yang Qi is real of the position sat a mark and be discovered by the rice soldier, the rice soldier also found out that canyon, and they will definitely get into a canyon to cautiously look into.They didn't find out Yang Qi in the canyon, so their affirmation will carry on a search in the canyon.By so doing, can fly to fight for to a great deal of time for the Yan. But the actual circumstance fly with Yan plannedly completely different, the rice soldier really found out a canyon here, but they basically didn't stop over there in the canyon, also didn't look for Yang Qi in the canyon, but directly crossed that canyon. Although don't know in the highway the end destination of that long row soldier car car brigade is there, from fly top of head to hover around in the Yan of the Pa is strange armed helicopter up but can see, the rice soldier has already accurately found out Yan to fly and Yang Qi hide the cave of body.All of the affairs that this also represents to do before Yan fly are useless achievement, he procrastinates a horary plan thoroughly bankrupt.The Yan flies still and the rice soldier outrun his to anticipate towards ascending, the development of affair already face to face. From the sky of the Pa is strange armed helicopter and the soldier car car brigade on the ground highway come over of the direction can see, this rice soldier troops should be before surround Yang Qi Jia's position to sit object that rice soldier troops.Don't know that they are to send a person as well good enough the place placing to sit a mark looks for Yang Qi don't the fruit is still that the tall person in the rice the people cracked the number game that Yang Qi leaves, anyway they discovered not to, then give up to originally that surrounding of mineral pit, turn but make track for Yan to run very fast. Flies in the Yan of calculate in, this troops' purpose be for dealing with to come they who rescue Yang Qi.Original Yan's flying has already kept off them, but this troops are also remarkable at 1:00, they the like absolute being help and incredibly cross all Yans to fly to establish next of of trap plantation shutters, in the shortest time in find out Yan to fly of hide body place. The all theses all let the Yan don't already fly surprise, however after discovering this circumstance, the Yan fly and then is awakening, he may face to have a history act for once breaking through siege of the difficulties most . Outside Gao air of the "observation" of unmanned machine under, a great deal of soldier car vehicle on the highway starts driving to leave a previous highway and turn ascend moreover a strange highway.But this highway is the only route that leads to Yan to fly the place of hiding the body.This time, the Yan flies to have no any further the slightest by luck mental, that was oneself and was really discovered by the rice soldier.This rice soldier troops, be come to round Jiao own. Under the clean sky, the unmanned function is very clear of"see" see a rice soldier on highway activity, this makes him every moment control the circumstance of outside.Looking at the unmanned machine spreads of the clear appearance on the underneath highway, the Yan flies suddenly realize and finally understand oneself is how to expose movements. Yan's flying have been attempting to avert from the vehicle that north bound in the highway drives or is a shooting of gearing to is like a head and also don't meet any vehicle and shoot to be like a head all the way for oneself but happy.The result neglected the most direct observation means, that was to be located in outer space in of probe satellite. The rice the people since wants to fly Yan to lead a rice country to carry on grasping to catch, so they will definitely use all last meanses and include among them outer space in of probe satellite.The weather that falls radicle mountain range today is very good, although the air also has a few white clouds,the place of great majority has no what white cloud cover.With the weather circumstance like this, probing the satellite can observe the small fluctuation on the ground very clearly.