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It would appear our championship match will be a cakewalk for Britney Spears. Spears came in as the prohibitive favorite to be the pop singer champion and it was thought her only real tests would be against a highly popular heartthrob such as Anna Kournikova or Halle Berry. However, her only remaining hurdle is Applegate who is only a #9 tv star seed and hasn't even had to face anyone higher than a #3 seed since winning that region. She looks to be an easy opponent for the mighty Spears, who is probably the most drooled over woman in the world today.

We are a week into the semifinal round, and once again we are seeing surprises. The first semifinal match appeared to be a tossup between the two actesses, Christina Applegate and Alicia Silverstone. Both came in as middle of the pack seeds and have had similar success in their prior matches. So far though, Applegate is having an easy time in this round, with two thirds of the vote.

In the other match, the amazing story of Paula Zahn looks to add the most improbable chapter - an upset of the seemingly unbeatable Britney Spears. Zahn, the #5 seed in the unheralded newscaster region, has already had two upset wins over #1 seeds. An upset of #1 Britney would be truly incredible.

Following is a list showing the total votes each woman in the final four has garnered through the entire tournament up to this point. This is not necessarily an indication of who the final megachampion will be, but it does indicate who has gotten the most support in the earlier rounds:

Britney Spears 855 Paula Zahn 785 Christina Applegate 713 Alicia Silverstone 677

The unpredictable nature of this tournament has shown itself again as the final four bears little resemblence to what many would have predicted. The semifinalists contain only one original #1 seed, Britney Spears. All the other high seeds have fallen, leaving only two #9's and a #5. Given the current field, it appears it may be a cakewalk to the championship for Britney, who was probably the strongest woman in the field even when all the top seeds were still alive. Again, though, we have learned to expect the unexpected in this tournament.

The remaining actresses from the Movie Star and TV Star regions has shown some amazing staying power through this tournament. Both actresses, Alica Silverstone and Christina Applegate only came in as #9 seeds but have continued to fly under the radar. As a result, each looks to continue their history of upsets and land in the final four. Both by now must be taken seriously, as Alica is about to defeat finals favorite Anna Kournikova and Christina is completely dominating a Claudia Schiffer, a #3 seed (and a supermodel at that).