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Posted in Locker Room on 2003-12-06 02:42:15

I Totally agree with you. I wish america would just get over the whole thing ========== In Reply To ========== america is too uptight about being naked and stuff. in asia, guys and girls [separated] will take showers in one big shower room at a hotel and then [still separated] get into a big hot tub all naked. in america this is unheard of. in some european countries, its more common to see guys in briefs and speedoes. at beaches some women go completely topless. at some beaches you can just change right there. im still a teenager, but im straight and i dont see whats wrong with showering with other guys.

Posted in Clothing limits for guys by parents on 2003-08-25 02:56:08

Whats it like to have to be naked at home and do your friends have to do the same or something similar to you and if so whats that like ========== In Reply To ========== My parents make me stay naked all the time. I have to strip before coming in the house. When we go to relatives, I just go nude and ride in the car with no clothes on. I am 14.

Posted in Share your Shirt? on 2003-08-04 03:57:08

I didnt mean to post twice sorry

Posted in Share your Shirt? on 2003-08-04 03:55:58

I would also. ========== In Reply To ========== I would so share a shirt with my friend n I dont ven wear undershirts. I would only go naked for my best male or female friends.

Posted in Uncomfortable Situations (swiming and road trip) on 2003-07-19 16:53:42

It depends I would jump in with just my boxers on but if my male friend jumped in naked I would also I'm not afraid being naked in front of friend maybe they are but I'm not. My friends n I have never seen eachother naked but I would not have a problem with it if we did.