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User: The Wife


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Posted in Balls, Nuts, or Testicles! on 2003-05-03 11:49:07

========== In Reply To ========== I immediately had my wife read your message, and we're both very anxious to try your "new angle" too!!

One question: Could you give us some samples of what sort of things you and your husband put on your "to do" list. Thanks!!

They say that behind every SUCCESSFUL man, is a WOMAN. You certainly know how to support your successful man!! We can wait to try this!!

“to do list” vs. “TO DO LIST” The “to do list” in the other post referred to me helping my husband get his thoughts and activities at work straight.The “TO DO LIST” is another matter. He gets his list on Friday night or Saturday morning. I start by teasing him with some provocative talk, sexy tight “Michael Stars” T shirt, pet or rub….Then I administer the “TO DO LIST”! He lies face down on the floor with his $%!@ in the air. (He is trained / do it or no sex) I grab his balls from behind and give them a firm yank and twist!!! He says that at this point he feels the most helpless; fearful of the times I have his nuts. I bark out the orders and he writes them down. This is Female Power to the n th degree!!! The lists are usually broken into two parts, work around the home and pampering ME! The work around the house stuff might be cut the grass, fix this, paint that…The pampering me stuff might be, foot rub, wash my hair and give me bubble bath, make my favorite lunch, do my laundry… .When the list is complete I take very good care of him but because I have total control in the bedroom he satisfies me first. (Girls a tip, After a full day of teasing where he is not allowed to touch himself your guy will be big time worked up. As part of the initial foreplay let him beat off at your feet of you give him a blow job. Then proceed with the nights activates. This way when you two do it he will last linger than a flash bulb!

Women Rule The Relationship!!!! To prove it you should see my man face down balls in my hand!!!

Posted in Balls, Nuts, or Testicles! on 2003-04-29 09:55:06

Great stories!My husband is glad to know he is not the only one. I also use my "Feminine Power" for other purposes than extracting material things. My husband has a very stressful and busy job. Some days when things are hectic and he is stressed out I reach in to help. I sexily approch him give him a hug and kiss on his neck...befor long I have a "Supportive grip" on his balls. I tell him I love him and appreciate what he does. We make out a to do list and discuss what is bothering him. The whole time I have his nuts griped tight. After a few teasing strokes I send him to work with a better outlook. When he gets home he tell me about his day, I make him a great dinner and bang his lights out! He says when I do this he is horny, focused and productive all day.

Yes Feminine Power/ Ball control rules his world!

Posted in Balls, Nuts, or Testicles! on 2003-04-26 07:39:38

Are girls superior in general? I don't know but when in a relationship with a man the woman rules. The most obvious reason is she controls the sex. He needs it more. Supply and demand she wins. Next she has him by the balls. No man has ever given me an ounce of trouble when I have his balls firmly in my grip. Both facts can be taken out of the bedroom. For example the man wants a white car the woman a red one... She wispers "I guess you do not want it for a while" as she discretly taps his groin, he says "we will take the red one!" The two examples are intertwined to frustrate the man. Grab his balls and he not only becomes obedient he also gets a hard on! You got him by the balls and he is begging for sex.

ya Girls are superior