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Posted in Girls vs Boys sports on 2004-12-28 07:16:54

I love competing against women in sports. I win more than half the time in basketball, tennis, etc. In wrestling, though, I've never come close to winning! After losing to several bigger girls, I've been challenging more petite girls. I still end up every time trapped between their legs asking to be let go.

Posted in You Vs Celebs - Wrestling on 2004-12-28 06:48:28

I'd love to be trapped beneath Hillary Duff! I see her using schoolgirl pins to dominate me.

Posted in You Vs Celebs - Wrestling on 2004-12-28 06:43:54

Great poll. I'd lose to every one of these women!

Posted in Britney Spears legs on 2004-03-09 04:47:36

I would love to see Britney wrestle against a big, male bodybuilder and trap him helplessly between her legs. She would DESTROY me in a match!

Posted in Why girls win? on 2004-02-20 00:46:24

I'm a pretty athletic male who loves to wrestle women. I've wrestled over 30 different women and lost to all of them. It shocks me how completely one-sided most of the matches have been. Here is how we matched up and how I got controlled 1) My advantage of being much bigger (I weigh 220 lbs.) was useless because they were much quicker than me. I constantly find myself in bad positions and struggling against the woman's leverage. 2) The women have been way more flexible, allowing them to escape the occasional hold I get them into. 3) The women control the matches with their legs. I have never escaped a woman's grapevine or headscissor hold!