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Posted in Restraining Kids (harness, leash etc.) on 2021-06-19 18:53:57

Thanks for sharing, Trenton. I think it's important that when a child is going to be restrained and helpless, they should get extra attention and affection from the parents and or caregivers. It doesn't hurt, and it also helps children who are restrained and helpless not be fearful of that condition, but instead feel loved and secure. It can even be cute.

Of course, exceptions would be when the child is being punished or experiencing a disciplinary regimen. Then you have to be Stern oh, and the child will likely be more stressed out. But that's the point.

Posted in Restraining Kids (harness, leash etc.) on 2021-05-29 04:48:52

I think a lot of kids would do well to be restrained and diapered at night. They would be safe. And most parents wouldn't mind at all doing for their kids what they can't do for themselves while they're helpless.

Posted in Restraining Kids (harness, leash etc.) on 2020-07-26 15:41:54

Hey Martin, it's good to know this worked out for you.

Kids get stubborn sometimes, and sometimes they just need to blow off some steam by fighting against the restraints. I actually don't mind this, cuz they can tug and pull as much as they want, but it doesn't make any difference, and it does let them vent. Anyway, how often did you end up having to secure his wrists? And did you do it to his chest, at his sides (to the waist belt) or behind his back? Also, you didn't mention this, but when he was harnessed at home, did you have him diapered as well? Or did you just remove the harness when he had to go to the bathroom?

And it would be interesting to know if your son intends to do this with his own kids?

Posted in Restraining Kids (harness, leash etc.) on 2020-07-26 15:32:58

I actually replied to this in another forum, but I'm going to go ahead and copy what I wrote here too. I was impressed with this idea.

I watched the video. They're really serious about this. The people running the program think it does kids a lot of good to spend a weekend like this. And for local people, they actually pick the kids up and take them to the camp. It looked like they had a couple of the kids with their hands cuffed behind their backs when they took them away. That was very interesting. I wonder how long and how many times the kids are restrained. It look like their hands were cuffed in front of them when they were talking to their parents on the phone. How much of the time were your boys cuffed while in this program? Did they also have the kids in diapers for some of the time? It didn't say anything about that in the video.

Posted in Restraining Kids (harness, leash etc.) on 2020-07-26 15:30:20

It's clear your dad did this because he loved you. It was a loving Act and for your own good. When you went to the park for sex, were you meeting other kids? Or were you meeting adults who wanted to have sex with kids?