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Posted in Men's swimwear and Speedos on 2003-11-03 05:29:28

If you try both styles long enough to get completely used to them, you have to admit that speedos are more comfortable that baggy shorts.

Posted in Boys and Speedos on 2003-10-15 03:42:32

I just spent the summer in Europe and swam at community pools a lot in the city where I was living. Most of the guys wear the Speedo type of swim suit there, although theyr'e not known as speedos. So I did too, and found I much prefer them over the baggy boxer type. Makes swimming much easier.

Most of the guys also wore them with their equipment pointing straigut up. It was usually very apparent. Evidently everyone just expected that. Laying out sunning. Swimming. Getting in and out of the water. Just standing around. All the time. So I did too. It took a lot of "getting used to" but I persisted and forced myself to. Found by the end of the summer it was my preferred style too.


Posted in Guys-What do you wear to bed? on 2003-06-18 19:21:26

========== In Reply To ========== Are you serious that most guys do it by rubbing on the sheet on their stomach? How do you know this? I'm happy to find this out, because when I started I used my hands to rub it against my leg, or sometimes just the hands up and down, but then started layin on my stomach and haven't used the other methods in years. To avoid making a mess I often grab it at the last minute and fill my hand.

Posted in Just For Guys on 2003-04-11 02:59:57

Here's a better poll "just for guys" with the question "you always wanted to ask". http://www.misterpoll.com/2862865642.html

Posted in Guys-What do you wear to bed? on 2003-04-10 17:33:48

Since reading this poll a couple weeks ago and learning how many guys sleep naked, I've been trying it. I like it, but it makes me horny too. Check out this pole on how where you put your equipment. http://www.misterpoll.com/2862865642.html