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Posted in Girls Clothing Limits in summer. on 2020-02-18 09:03:55

I've been asked if Peter made something special for me for the Valentine day. There's a whole new story so I'll post it here too :)

Friday evening he took me from my place and we got in his car. He gave me a sleeping pill and said I have to trust him which I do of course. So I ate the pill and went to sleep and woke up naked and blindfolded and tied to a wall with my arms spread and legs apart. I couldn't see or hear anything and I was afraid a bit. I tried to call Peter but my mouth was taped shut. I reminded myself to trust but I trembled a bit.

In a few minutes I heard someone coming (I hoped it was Peter of course, but later it turned out he brought some of his friends too!) I felt hands on my body feeling everything. My nipples got very hard and they were pinched and pulled and then I felt clamps on them. Then he cut my hair with scissors - not really short, just taking off several cm, but still scary! For several minutes he fingered my $%!@ and then he took the clamps off (pretty painful too) and placed a stool before me (I heard that) and took the tape off my mouth. I tried to ask if it's Peter but I felt a $%!@ at my lips and I knew I had to play along so I took it in. I realized it wasn't Peter's but it was silly to protest so I sucked, again reminding myself to trust. It was scary but very thrilling to stand like that and suck some guy's $%!@! He didn't $%!@ but pulled off and another guy took his place - still not Peter! Sucking him I felt hands tickling my arms and armpits and thighs and groping my boobs etc. The second guy didn't $%!@ too and then they put a vibrating dildo in me and started to drip hot wax on my arms and thighs and then boobs and belly. It wasn't very painful and I was pretty aroused anyway. I asked to help me $%!@ and they rubbed my $%!@ and I came pretty hard and loud.

Then they untied me from the wall and placed me on some bench butt up and started to spank me. After like 30 or 40 spanks they stopped and I felt a $%!@ in my mouth again and finally I knew it was Peter's! I was so glad I cried a bit. Meanwhile one of the other guys entered my $%!@ from behind. I was aroused again and pretty wet - both from sweat and in my $%!@. After a few minutes that gut left my $%!@ and lubed up my butthole and entered it. I was relaxed after the first orgasm so it went easy. Seeing that, they did a thing I've never experienced before - you may guess already that they did both my holes at the same time! So I was lying on a guy's chest with his $%!@ in my $%!@ and another pushed in my butthole - and none of them was my BF! But I knew he was there and it was all right. That penetration was more painful but I was soooo filled up, that's crazy and I can't describe it. I felt a vibrator on my $%!@ and I just burst. After I stopped $%!@ they pulled off and placed me on that bench face up and came all on my face and neck and boobs.

I was so tired I was just laying and feeling the sperm and sweat trickling on my skin. Then they took off the blindfold and I saw them smiling - Peter and his friends Max and Kerim. They said happy Valentine's day and sang me a song and I coudn't stop smiling too. They led me out the room - it turned out a basement in Max's house. We had a supper there (not in the basement I mean) and then me and Peter left to his place where we had sex again (I was little bit sore but I wanted that anyway). He asked if I liked everything and I said yes even though it was a bit scary and sometimes painful. I even like my new haircut - it's a bit uneven but that's something in that ...

Posted in Girls Clothing Limits in summer. on 2020-02-13 13:48:21

Hi and thanks :) Well it's big city (and beautiful) so chances were small ...

Posted in Girls Clothing Limits in summer. on 2020-02-11 14:02:02

Well the others don't reply often too ... But I sent you a message

Posted in Girls Clothing Limits in summer. on 2020-02-09 20:56:24

Thanks everyone for your support, it's really important to me! We're back home already (returned this morning) and I won the challenge! So a new iPhone for me, yesss! And it was really good time even though it was a bit hard and/or embarrasing sometimes. Now my answers to you.

Jessica - it did feel nice to hold things in my $%!@, though hard if they sticked out. One day I tried to walk with a banana in my $%!@ but it was only half inside and I coudn't hold it well. Peter laughed seeing me trying to put it back in secretly every several minutes and finally he said I can cut it in half but do that right there (we were on the Spanish Steps). There were many people of course but I decided it's better to do that once, so Peter gave me his pocket knife and I took the banana out and cut it and put one half in my $%!@ again quickly. Some people saw and one or two laughed a bit but nothing more. Still I was pretty red. About the money - generally we don't use cash but Peter liked the idea and one day he made me keep several 1 and 2 euro coins in my $%!@.

CursedLord - yes, the rule applied for all the time. Of course when sleeping I coudn't hold things with my muscles but I had either a butt plug or balls or the egg vibrator. What I enjoyed the most - well Peter's $%!@ of course :) And of other things - I think the balls in my $%!@ were the best. About talking privately - maybe but better here :) Or do you want to talk about something too weird for here? :)

EdunRevol - Yes, at first I told her only that I have to go dressed like that for the challenge but Peter added smiling about the other part too. They both didn't believe at first so Peter asked me to take my toy out for a second and show them. I was a bit embarrased of course but also proud that I go well. At that time I had butt plug in me and I took it out and showed. They said wow and all and exchanged some looks. When we met again on Thursday evening to walk and all, Fran was in a short skirt without panties too and she said it feels a bit weird but sexy and she woud've like it much if it were warmer. And on Friday it got warmer (about 15C and sunny) so she went like that again. Peter said she could also try keeping toys inside and asked me to tell her that I like that. She thank for some time and her BF Terry asked her to try so she agreed. I had a vibrating egg in my butt and balls in my bag so I gave her those. We walked into a toilet and she washed them and put in her $%!@. At first she walked a bit strange and like looked into herself but later got normal. We asked her how it feels and she said it's very good and she wants to touch herself but not in a public toilet or like that. Turned out we were not far from our hotel and Peter invited them. Fran went into the bathroom and we three laid on our bed coz we were pretty tired. We heard her moaning as she came and she came out and fell on the bed between me and Terry. The bed was not so large so we laid tight, her legs touching mine. We were pretty aroused so in a short time we couples started to cuddle and then kiss and then had sex there. Fran was a bit shy at first but she got aroused too and went for it :)

Next day we met again and went on a bus tour together. It was warm again and I left my jacket and went just in a skirt and crop top and nothing more, having a mandarine in my $%!@ (BTW at some moment I accidentally crushed it and its juice ran down my legs, so I had to take it out and put the balls in its place). Fran was like the day before and with her own balls in her $%!@. As we rode the bus I suggested she takes off her shoes and maybe try walking barefoot outside. She agreed and for some time we barefoot outside together. She stepped careful but said it feels very good and she feels close contact with that anciend ground and all its history. Still after some time she got sore and put her shoes on and said I'm really tough :)

Sandra - of course it was scary a bit but sexy to know that people can see a white plastic ball hanging out from me. My skirt was not so short to show it right away and I did't have any shoes to bend down to fix them :) but one time I did have to bend down to pick up my lipstick I dropped. At first I didn't even think about it but when I got up I saw some people looking at me and I realized they probably saw it! I got red and walked faster. About a chain - that's a bit extreme I think but maybe some time later ...

Posted in Barefoot for Parents/Children on 2020-02-06 10:27:34

Well actually Peter is not my husband :) I'm only 16 BTW. Though I love him and I try not to disappoint him of course. Those flipflops I bought with his permission coz he saw I really couldn't make it. And he did punish me as it was agreed before, see https://www.misterpoll.com/forums/48061/topics/312206/pg/10. Anyway, this week we're in Rome together and I'm barefoot all the time!