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Posted in Short skirts on 2003-03-19 06:21:07

I gave up half way through.

How can a question that asks "More or less than ..." be answered with a Yes or No?

Posted in War with Iraq, Should we or Shouldn't we? on 2003-03-18 02:01:54

Why doesn't someone take GWB's little blue pills away.

We'd all be much better off.

Posted in The Death Penalty - Is It Fair? on 2003-03-07 05:53:36

========== In Reply To ========== A Tooth For A Tooth so whats wrong with a life for a life?

As we all know, in the US of A a mistake is never made in the legal system.

No one has ever been convicted of a murder that they did not commit.

More blacks are killed by the justice system than whites, which only goes to prove that they have an inate tendency to violence.

Posted in Castration of sex offneders on 2003-03-07 05:48:14

========== In Reply To ========== In Arkansas, a man accused of raping an 11-year-old boy and soliciting another child for sex is to be surgically castrated as part of a plea agreement that he proposed. Had he gone to trial and lost, James Stanley would probably have been sentenced to life in prison. Under the plea agreement, he will be free in less than 20 years. But ironically given its usual positions on both sexual choice and lengthy incarceration, the ACLU opposes the deal. Although Stanley proposed it, the ACLU condemns the agreement as “cruel and unusual punishment.”

The ACLU argues that castration is unlikely to prevent future violence against children, trotting out the counterintuitive bromide that “rape has very little to do with sexual urge, and has a lot more to do with the urge to dominate another person.” Apparently, it is hard for the ACLU to accept that sexual desire can ever be bad. It cannot bring itself to acknowledge the obvious: that the basic problem in pedophilia is the underlying sexual perversion. The surgery Stanley seeks will alleviate his compulsive urge to molest children. James Stanley is begging to trade his cancerous sexuality for a chance to die a free man. Why does the “compassionate” ACLU want to deny him that choice?

Unfortunately logic is sure loser when it comes to sex. Studies consistently show that rape has very little to do with sex. What happens if it turns out that the guy didn't do it after all, or is it not possible in the grand ole US of A for the legal system to make a mistake?

Posted in False Accusations Against Catholic Priests on 2003-03-07 05:28:37

The poll would have more meaning (not much) if the word Priest was taken out of the questions.

Anyone who abuses a child should be held accountable. It just so happens that the Roman Catholic Church has a higher percentage of paedophiles than most organizations.