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Posted in You are either with us or against us... on 2003-03-11 02:27:40

I rest my case

Posted in You are either with us or against us... on 2003-03-10 11:08:34

Dude, this poll is so ridiculous it's sad.

I could sit here and refute every post or point you "tried" to make using logic but it'd never effect you. You've made up you're mind that you hate Bush and that you don't respect him and because of that hate, you refuse to allow logic to enter the debate.

How come I didn't see any questions about Saddam torturing people? About raping the wives of men who speak out against him? About pouring gasoline in a person's throat, letting them sit and choke for seven minutes, then setting it on fire? How come you didn't ask about the women and children who've simply questioned Saddam's methods and were found with their heads cut off hanging from a rope outside their home? How come the Iraq people cannot have the same right to protest that you enjoy?

How come I didn't see any questions about Saddam not abiding by UN mandates... 17 times? How come I didn't see any questions about the drones, the Samouds, or the buried storage barrels? How come you didn't ask about the fact that for every one missle that they've "destroyed" (after striping out the engine and other useful parts and not allowing inspectors to inspect the missles before they're destoryed) they build three brand-new ones? How come you won't hold Saddam accountable to the UN? How come the UN won't hold Saddam accountable to the UN?

How come I didn't see any questions about France's $64bil in oil contracts with Iraq that violate the UN sanctions? How come I didn't see any questions about Shirac's long-time FRIENDSHIP (YES FRIENDSHIP) with Saddam Hussein? How come I didn't see any questions about Shirac's 32% approval rating in France? And what about Germany? No mention of the weapons and tanks and ammunition that Germany sold to Iraq in 1992... also violating UN sanctions. No mention of the fact that Iraq owes Germany about $4bil that it'd never see if the US takes out the murderer they call President of Iraq.

How come you didn't ask about that?

Oh that's right... 'cause you hate Bush and won't open your eyes to anything else.


Posted in War over Iraq.. Why? on 2003-02-23 03:22:46

I'm going to end this "It's about oil" argument once and for all.

Iraq produces between 3% and 5% of the world's daily oil supply on any given day.

To put that in perspective, of the ten largest oil producing countries on the planet, Iraq ranks 7th. Saudi Arabia ranks 1st producing 500% more oil than Iraq. Number two is Mexico... three is Venuzuela.

"Yeah, but... but... Iraq has the second largest oil reserve under it!"

If you have a quarter, I have a dime, and everyone else on earth has a nickle... I have the second largest coin on earth. But it's still a drop in the bucket compared to what's out there.

"Well...um.... but what is there is still worth a lot of money!"

Is it? There's an estimate that says that the oil in the sands of Iraq is worth $3trillion dollars.

Problem 1: getting to the oil. Iraq is producing 4% of the oil because that's all it can get at. If that oil was easily obtained, Iraq would've already tapped it. In order to even think about draining the untapped oil, infrastructure, technology, and machinery would have to be built, invented and installed. That costs money. That takes time.

Problem 2: refineries all ready at full capacity. The oil refineries around the world are already at full capacity. They are already maxed out as to how much oil they can take in and turn into gasoline and fuels. There's just no more room for more oil to go into them. So if you tapped Iraq and drained all that oil, it'd sit in storage until the refineries can get to it... which costs money... But the refineries wouldn't ever get to it, because oil from other reserves needs to be refined too. Some all that excess oil would sit in storage indefinitely. That costs money, it doesn't make money.

One option would be to build more refineries. Building refineries costs money. Plus, the environmental movement in the US is preventing any more refineries from being built. If the refineries are built in foreign countries, it would cost more money to run them and ship the fuels to their destinations.

Problem 3: Too much oil supply reduces prices. If you drained the oil, built more refineries, and released a couple billion barrels of oil out into the marketplace, you dramatically increase supply. Anyone who's taken a basic economics course knows that if supply goes up and demand stays the same, prices drop. That $3trillion quickly become $1trillion.... cutting into profits.

So the cost of infrastructure, the cost of technology, the cost of machinery, the cost of refineries, the cost of shipping, the cost of tarrifs, and the reducing of oil prices nets about 4% per year over 28 years. You can do better with T-Bills.

ADD to that the cost of cleaning up after a war.

And the time factor. Time to clean up, time to build roads and infrastructure, time to develope technology, time to build machinery, time to ship and install machinery, time to build refineries, time for negotiating international tarrif deals, time for refining, time for transport... all without a significant increase in demand.... By the time all that is done we could be driving H-cell cars by then.

My point is that if you want to get rich on oil, Iraq is not the place to do it. There are a dozen better options. If you're going to use war as a method for obtaining oil, let's go after Venuzuela... they're ripe for a takover right now and produce over 300% more oil than Iraq. Better yet, let's annex Mexico. Even better yet, let's take over Saudi Arabia...we already have military bases there.

If we really wanted more oil, we'd just lift the sanction on Iraq and buy it... at a cheaper cost and in less time than going through the hassel of everything listed above. But then you run into the full capacity and supply and demand issues. If this were really about oil, we would've kept troops in Iraq in 1991. It doesn't make economic sense. It would lose money.... especially in the short-term... meaning stock prices would fall. That's something no investor wants, especially in the short-term.

The only oil factor in this equation is that the money Iraq DOES make from legal and illegal oil sales is going into producing weapons, golden palaces, and probably to terrorist groups.... hence the reason Saddam says he doesn't have enough money to feed his people and why they're starving to death in the streets while cheering his name. He spends the money on military and not on children. If a new Iraqi regime were in control of their oil, maybe the money would go towards schools, and food, and medicine, instead of towards anthrax, vx gax, aluminum tubes, and al-shamud missles.

The "War for Oil" line is without basis and just plain wrong. It's a "sound good" line perpetuated by the left and those people that are wishing for an alterior motive because they just can't believe that Bush isn't lying. But as soon as you start to think about it rationally, like in this article, you see that the "War for Oil" line has no merit whatsoever.

That is all.

========== In Reply To ========== it's about the oil because the corporations think about the future. our oil reserves are getting lower. pollution is getting worse. they want oil that is easily accessible to increase their profit margin. plus the war is also about getting bush reelected. you did know bush sold his enron stock just in time too. no one talks about enron anymore. and if you want despicable dictators, how about the saudis who are bush supporters. and if you need threats, why is it okay for north korea to pose a threat? maybe you live on the east coast.

Posted in Is america in a state of Decline? on 2003-02-23 02:54:02

America's been in a state of decline for 40 years. The very ideals that this nation was founded on and that made it great for 170 years prior have been torn away... and all that's left is bickering, class warfare, political gridlock, Columbine, the DC Sniper, and LUcicris.

Yes, if things don't change soon, we are doomed.

Posted in America Sucks? on 2003-02-23 02:51:50

My answers weren't listed in your limited options.

Does America suck?

No... we're the best imperfect nation on earth.

Who's fault is it?

Anyone who preaches that America sucks and doesn't offer solutions... i.e. liberals