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Posted in Attitude on Men's Underwear on 2002-05-05 02:03:55

A lot of me do wear white breifs, but i think many also wear colored breifs and boxerbreifs. I would recommend both, for a change of pace

Posted in Boys vs. Girls highschool wrestling on 2002-03-19 00:57:35

========== In Reply To ========== I am sick of this bullsh*t. This poll has been spammed just like the others. Just go look at the results, and even a ten year old can find out how it's been spammed.

Amen, This is crap. No girl could take me. Its a dream to think so.

Posted in Testicle Injury on 2002-03-02 21:13:37

========== In Reply To ========== Hello, I am a girl. I was wondering if you guys have to hold your balls when you jump naked into a pooL. I saw my brother jump naked in to a pool. He cried for several minutes. So do you guys have to hold your balls when you jump into a pool...PLEASE ANSWER

Most of the time yes. If you are jumping in from the side angeilng your body back a little no. Up any higher you better. BUT a guy MUST keep his ancles together or he at least ends up like your brother. If a guy jumps in from the high board with his legs apart and does not cover his balls it may well be a trip to the hospital. KEEP YOUR ANCLES TOGETHER GUYS.

Posted in What Should I Buy? on 2002-02-03 00:25:57

If you have a big $%!@ you should wear boxers cause they are more comfortable! Ohh yeah I should know because I am 16 and still growing but about every two months I need to get a new cup for sports because my $%!@ keeps getting bigger!


Posted in High School Privacy: Student Rights on 2002-02-03 00:18:43

I don't know why guys and girls are separate! We should be together for everything!

========== In Reply To ========== Just shower after gym and practice once you get used to it you really dont mind that your naked in front of other people you see that they are the same. It also practices good hygeine im in hischool now and i dont mind the group showers