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Posted in Parents who spank their adult children on 2018-12-26 20:14:10

I got spanked by mom at 29. We had a bad argument while I was visiting where I stormed out of the house, after yelling and cussing at her. Of course, I felt horrible later, and eventually had to go back and face her. I called and told her I was sorry the next day and she told me she wanted to talk in person. When I got to her house, she told me I had embarrassed her in front of her neighbors and had been totally disrespectful. I again said I was sorry. She said that wasn’t enough this time, that I needed to be taught a lesson. She told me it was time for a good old fashioned spanking! I was shocked and told her “no way” but she said it was the only way to clear the air between us and that I wouldn’t be welcome until I took my medicine. I hadn’t been spanked by her since I was like 12.

I went back to my room and was stunned but knew I deserved it. I came back out to see her holding a menacing looking wooden spoon. She looked more determined than I had ever seen. She told me to drop my pants. The whole thing was kind of surreal, but I complied. She pulled a chair out from the table and told me to bend over and grab on to it. She then yanked my underwear down and peppered my bare bottom with that spoon. It hurt like crazy. She wrapped her arm around my waist to keep my butt up and spanked me for a good long time. My butt was blistered and sore.

After the spanking she told me that I would not disrespect her like that ever again. What was worse is that neighbors overheard the whole thing, but I was reminded how they also heard me yell and cuss at her. The spanking changed things between me and my mom, I actually did respect her for spanking me and I never cussed at her again. If I did, I would expect another spanking!

Posted in Men's Toilets Without Stalls on 2018-02-07 18:45:52

When I was growing up, men's rooms and especially boy's rooms had no doors; and I don't mean the doors were broken off, I mean they were never there to begin with. Some restrooms didn't even have dividers between toilets.

There were never doors on school boy's rooms that I remember. As a consequence, I usually tried to wait until I got home from school to use the bathroom. Of course, this was not the norm, a lot of boys would use them. I think the biggest reason for this was to discourage misbehavior like vandalism, smoking, etc. It would be kind of inappropriate to bust into a stall with a locked door, but if there's no door, a teacher could not only see what was going on, but stop misbehavior. But anyway there were very few times growing up that I actually used school bathrooms. I can definitely remember 2 times. One time I was sick and had to use a stall. There were about 6 toilet stalls all without doors. I chose the farthest back. The other was in high school...again no doors, and someone had crapped all over one of the toilets.

When I was 7 and had my tonsils out, there were children's "wards" with several beds and no privacy at all. And the bathroom was the same way...3 toilets and no dividers, doors or any privacy. Of course, I had to use this bathroom, because I was there too long to just wait it out. I was very shy, and could not just stand up and pee with other boys coming and going. So I tried sitting down. This was interesting as you kind of saw what was going on. But I couldn't go. I finally asked to go in the middle of the night one night. I had to be escorted by a nurse who stood and watched me the whole time. I told her I couldn't go with her watching and she turned her back. I finally forced myself to pee.

Getting older, I ran across several parks and beaches that had bathrooms with no doors. I finally got over it and was able to use them....about the time they phased them out of most public places. It has now been several years since I have seen this kind of non-private set up. I've heard schools have brought them back due to vandalism.

However, to this day I can't pee without some kind of privacy and noise. It's not that I care about anyone seeing anything, but something just makes it where I cant go.

Posted in Punishments in family on 2015-09-15 01:28:13

I sincerely hope these are fantasy posts. It is sick and perverse for a child to punish his/her own parents that brought them into the world, clothed them, fed them, and taught them everything they know. Older parents may need their children to support and take care of them, but that should NEVER involve punishing them.

It's an upside down world we live in. I just went out and listened to children allowed to order at a fast food restaurant and practically demand their order from the clerk, no please's, thank you's or ma'am's at all. What a bunch of self-centered little brats. Too bad they will never be made to learn respect for anyone besides themselves. I may not be the best son but I would never even think of hitting one of my parents. Sorry but children that discipline a parent are disgusting. Go try and tell a police officer he is under arrest, and see how that works out...yet this is even worse because police have no legitimate God-given authority, parents have legitimate God-given authority and its a commandment to honor your parents.

Posted in More people are wearing sandals. on 2004-10-04 19:44:10

The first sandals I bought were Flojos, which were criss cross strapped sandals that were "in" when I was in high school. But I would rarely wear them, because I thought sandals were mostly for girls.

The last few years I have started wearing sandals more and more. I have the same number of pairs of sandals now as I do shoes, 3 pairs of flip flops, 2 pairs of Tevas, and 1 pair of Columbia sandals (which are the most comfortable) and I wear them all throughout the summer. The only time I put shoes on in the summer are when I put on my work boots, which are required, or if I am going out to dinner or something.

I am glad that it has become acceptable for straight guys to wear sandals, and wish now that I had wore them long before.