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Posted in Barefoot @ Home on 2021-11-15 01:47:12

I have to go barefoot in my house now as when i wear my socks my brother with always tackle me, take my socks and tickle my feet, i very rarely get my socks back so to avoid having to buy a new pair, i judy always go barefoot, he's even done it when my friends are round, and got them to tickle me aswell! It means him and a few family members tickle my feet more but i have having them taken

Posted in Brothers having tickle-fights on 2021-11-15 01:23:42

Whenever my brother gets chance he will always tickle me, moastly always when its just us, he'll usally get me when im in bed or if im on the couch, he knows my feet are the worst so he normally starts by pulling my socks off if im wearing any, and sit on my legs, then hell turn around and pull off my top if he can and get my belly, one of the worst ones before now, he planned and got a pair of handcuffs and handcuffed me to my bed, i was in joggers a top and socks, he pulled my socks off first, after handuffing me, went to town on my barefeet then got some ducktape, shoved my socks in my mouth and duck taped my lips shut, he then pulled my top up my arms and tickled my belly like mad, he then pulled my joggers down so i was just in my underwear, he got another set of handcuffs and locked my legs together, he then tickled my whole body relentlessly for about half an hour, another memorable one a few years ago i had a few friends round, we wanted to play hide and seek but no one wanted to seek, so we asked my brother and he agreed, but he said he would tickle us when he found us, he said that he'd take our socks as proof we were captured, we all went and hid and i could hear now and again lots of laughter as my friends got found and tickled he then found me, grabbed me, pushed me on the floor and grabbed my legs, i tried to kick but it was no use, he pulled off both of my socks and tickled my barefeet without mercy, after about 5 minutes he let me go, and like a vulture went to go and find my other friends, once we had all been captured, we all met in my room, we were all worn out and sock-less, i did go and ask my brother for our socks back but he said no, unless we could fight him for them, we deviced a plan to get them back we went into the living room where he was but him being a jock had us all down within minutes, he was tickling all of us, he must of been prepairing because he had tape that he got around mine and a friends ankles, he got it around one of my mates hands and then there were only two left, he told them to help him tickle us, to win their socks back, and they did! The two of us got tied up more and ny brother and my three mates all tickled us for ages, they pulled out tops up aswell, but left our joggers on, untill my brother decided to pull mine down, luckily he didnt pull my underwear too as he has done in the past

Posted in Ticklish 7 to 14 year old boys on 2019-12-14 17:37:14

Im 14, i was over at my friends house one time, all 14, we were playing fifa, there was five of us, it was my vs my other friend, we always played in teams and to put me off one of the other team tickled my foot and since I'm so ticklish i had quite a reaction, so they all laughed and he grabbed my other foot and tickled me again, i managed to pause the game, but that meant all there attention was on me, i was rolling on the ground when two of them sat on my tickling my sides, the rest were tickling my feet, luckily i was wearing socks but i suddenly someone reach up and yank off my left sock and then my right sock they tickled me for ages until they let me out, they hid my socks tho and now the rule is im not allowed to wear socks when we go to someone's house

Posted in Truth and Dare Ideas (teenage boys only) on 2019-10-24 22:59:52

I had a sleepover not so long ago and we played truth or dare heres waht happened:

PLAYERS: 1) me(ben) I'm 13, 5 foot 3, curly black hair, slightly tanned skin, size 5 shoe, i was wearing jeans with a jumper and white socks, 2) jack, 13, a bit smaller than me 5foot 1 probz blonde short hair, wearing a tee shirt shorts and bare feet
3) josh 13 5foot 4, short brown hair, hoodie jeans black ankle socks 4) jake, 5 foot 3 longish brown hair, tee shirt and jeans white ankle socks 5) caleb, 5 foot 3 shortish brown hair hoodie jeans, white ankle socks

Josh introduced the game, ill do like 1:said 2:said

4: no pussing out this time on dares, especially you caleb 5: well i didnt want to run down the road nude 1:okay well no dares outside the house, but my parents are out and won't be back for teo days so the house is free game to do anything 3: i think we should have a forfeit for not choosing a dare 5: nah lets just play 2: ohhh pussing out already caleb? 5: fine you skip a truth or dare you have to be nude for the rest of the game 3: you're gonna be nude really quick 1: right lets start josh truth or dare? 3: dare 1: i dare you to lick the floor * josh bent down and in one swift tongue movement licked the floor* 3: okay now jack truth or dare 2: dare 3: i dare you to, put your big toe in youre mouth * jack lifted up his already barefoot and stuck his right big toe in his mouth looked around for the nod and after five seconds popped it back out* 3: easy, caleb truth or dare 5: truth * we all looked at him in disapointment 3: where is you're most ticklish spot, and you've got to prove it or you have to remove an item of clothing 5: my feet Jack grabbed his foot yanked off his sock and tickled his foot caleb went mental, we all agreed it was true, caleb went and fetched his sock 5: ben, truth or dare 1: dare 5: i dare you to makeout with jack for a minute 3 you can't get other people involved 5: fine you get a free pass 3: yeah okay Jack came over to me and caleb set the timer, we looked at each other 4: hold hands! *idk what made me not object but we both just did it 5: 3!2!1! I leaned in and met jacks lips in the middle he started to move his lips around so, so did i, he parted his lips for a monent and his tounge slipped through he squeezed my hand and i wrapped my tounge around his, then the minute was up, 4: you seemed to enjoy that, 1: he wasn't too bad, anyway jake i dare you to strip to you're underwear for 10 minutes *jake was the type to not care about showing his body off, he stood up and first slid off his tee shirt and tossed it aside showing off his toned chest then he pulled off his jeans to revel his slighty hairy muscle-y legs he sat back down in his calvin klien underwear 1: not quite there yet, I looked at his white ankle socks still on, he quickly pulled them off and tossed aside 4: josh, i dare you to take a shower with ben, nude and you have to wash each other all over, I was shocked but didn't want to loose the game and neither did josh, were all very competitive we both stood up and made our way to the bathroom, jake insisted we strip in the room to prove we were nude i pulled off my socks then my sweat shirt and then my jeans, i looked over at josh he was just in his boxers i opened the door and we both pulled our boxers off and ran, in the bathroom we both stood their naked i reatched to turn on the shower and we waited till it warmed up to get in, looked at josh and josh looked at me, he was big 6" i was just under, we were both uncut, my shower was big so we both fitted comfortably, i got the soap and larthered it, 1: i guess i have to wash you 2: go ahead he stood closer and i started rubbing his chest up and down then i went past his chest down to his hips, i was croutching now i rubbed the base of his now rock hard $%!@

Posted in Tickling on a slumber-party on 2019-10-23 21:52:50

One time at my friends josh's house we were having a sleepover it was me, jack, benji and jacob (all 13) we were all sat watching a movie i stretched my legs out jack was sat in front of me and i accidentally hit him in the back with my foot he tuned round so i jokingly hit him harder and he grabbed my foot and tickled it, of course i burst into laughter and screeched quite loud he said "i didn't know you were that ticklish" "my feet are my most ticklish spot" i responded, of course that was the wrong thing to say, his face lit up and he grabbed my right foot and started tickling it like mad, i was laughing my head off all the other boys noticed and jack told them to join in, i had jack on my right foot josh on my left foot benji on my belly and jacob on my armpits, we were on the floor so josh instructed them all to lift me to the bed, they all grabbed the closest limb and dropped my on the bed once i was on the bed i heard jack tell josh to take off my socks i felt both of them yanked off at the same time i thought it was bad on my socked feet but it was even worse on my bare feet, i was pulling and moving all around so jack said he had some loose rope from his dads hunting trip they never went on so he told them to stop tickling me for a minute, they did ask if i minded being tied down i said i don't mind but then josh told jacob to pull my shirt off to tickle me easier they pulled my top off and then jack pulled my jeans down they did a quick job of teing me up luckily jacks parents were out so there was not worry of them walking in, once i was tied down (pretty tightly) they all went back to tickling me josh and jack on my feet jacob on my torso and benji on my thighs, i did feel a few brushes up against my $%!@ though but i didn't complain i must of been rock hard though but i wasn't worrying about that they had been ticking me for about 5 minutes i heard josh say something about licking to jack i didn't think anything of it till i felt a tongue run up the sole of my right foot, it felt odd but good at the same time, i could also feel benji slighty pull down on my boxers every so often after what felt like hours but was only 20 minutes they all agreed to stop and let me catch my breath when i looked down my boxers were half off, you could see my $%!@ poking out the top of them as they stopped jack came up and said well theirs no point of having them and pulled them down to my ankles, their i was tied down to the bed fully nude with my $%!@ rock hard....we had fun that night, i might continue what happened next another time